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Square Enix has a brand new Youtube Channel. I guess they will now start to interact with their fans more through Youtube. Which thank god because now we get to listen to Tetsuya Nomura more often, hear his voice and know more about what to come in the up coming releases.

So in the interview with Tetsuya Nomura. The master of kingdom hearts has revealed some information regarding the development of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Nomura was asked what type of worlds there would be in Kingdom hearts 3. Disney has a large list of worlds the company can add to the game for Sora, Donald and Goofy. Square has experimented with them a lot. From the little mermaid in atlantis to cyber world of Tron. Now keep in mind that KH3 is going to be the grand finally and Square will try to delivered everything that the fans are begging for. No matter what. Seriously. In fact square enix listen to the fans so well that they will keep Halloween town of Nightmare Before Christmas in part 3. WHY? Because it is consider the fans’ favorite world so why take it away from us dudes. So after looking at all the Disney worlds and creations here are the possible additions to KH3.


The Jungle Book

Not one I am fond of honestly but hey it could work. I didn’t think I would like the world of Atlantis in Kingdom hearts but it turned out cool. It can be similar to Tarzan. There is so much to be done in the jungle. Sora and the gang will have lots to do. Of course the heartless will be back since the worlds are still in darkness.


Treasure Planet

This is also a possibility since it did so well. Although not many remember Treasure Planet there is a possibility that it will be added to kingdom hearts. Hopefully the game is long enough to enjoy. In this movie the main character Jim Hawkins gets caught up in a plot of space pirates trying to find a lost treasure. Jim joins allegiance with a space pirates himself and journeys with his new crew to search for the lost treasure. Think about this. There is absolutely so many things that Sora can do in this world. He can help Jim find the lost treasure just like in the movie. That is what Sora does anyways, he meddles into other peoples business. (Not to be a jerk but hey there wouldn’t be much of  a game if he didn’t.)


Atlantis the Lost Empire

Tetsuya Nomura actually tried to add this world into Kingdom Hearts 2. I remember before the release of Kingdom hearts 2. Nomura spoke of this however it was not added anyways. i am not sure why they rejected the idea of this world. Perhaps there was a problem with this plot. Either way it is still on their list for worlds to be added and I want it to happen.

Pirates of the caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean most recent movie was “On Stranger Tides” And there is another film yet to come. This world was in Kingdom Hearts 2 and was rather enjoyable. They will definitely bring this back to the fans and I mean for god sakes everyone loves jack sparrow. With four movies, there is just so much for Sora to do.


Star Wars

With George Lucas Surrendering his master piece to Disney, there is also a possibility that Square might add characters from Star Wars. Darth Vader perhaps. However Nomura said he was not sure because he wanted to add final fantasy characters to KH3. In the last 4 Kingdom hearts games there were no final fantasy characters so he really wants them back in again. If anything a Star Wars character will be chosen to be a hidden boss for all we know. However that is still behind the curtains. Personally I dont want this to happen. I hope Square has the control and the brain to not add any star war characters.

marvel characters

Marvel Universe

Disney also owns a part of Marvel so there is a possibility that there will be Marvel character in KH3. Who knows. Maybe some references or appearance. Lets no forget that there has also been Marvel anime thanks to Stan Lee. Nomura never mentioned which marvel characters are going to be in KH3 but for god sakes I dare say Wolverine. I mean come on, he has 2 movies of his own and his own anime. His populatity has built tremendously. If Square were to add a character to Kingdom hearts 3 from Marvel it would have to be Wolverine. Remember that everything is still behind the curtains. We do not know yet for sure. Perhaps no marvel characters at all. Lets sit and wait till 2014.

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