By Jorge Paiz

Recently in today’s world a lot of people think we should have a better president, for the reason being how the economy has become so bad. However being an anime fan real world politics is not exactly the most enjoyable of conversations. That is until it dawned on me what would our world be like if characters from our favorite anime ran for president? What kind of political party would they represent and would they be more better honest and not be full of  BS like our current real world politicians are? In this article I will share of some of teh choices of anime characters I think would suitable candidates to run for president. I also made 2 Party’s 1)The Fantasy Party 2)The Mecha  party

 Candidate #1 Representing The Fantasy Party Death The Kid

From Soul Eater

Death The kid would be a great president for his intentions for our country would be to remain perfectly symmetrical. Also Death the kid is well known for his punctuality. One thing he would promise as president  is to deliver what the people need when we need it the most. There for our economy will be fixed quickly, as well as funding for education and pensions for senor citizens would be given equal symmetrical values in money

Candidate #2 Representing The Mecha Party Lelouch Lamperouge

From Code Geass

Now Lelouch Lamperouge  is Known for being Intelligent, sophisticated, and arrogant  as well as being an aristocrat. Lelouch would be president that would sacrifice anything for his country in times of war. Though with good intentions Lelouch would be very cynical as to putting civilians , soldiers at risk. Non the less he would not let our country be taken over nor would he let us lose our freedom for he would defend our rights


Candidate # 3 Representing The Fantasy Party Colonel Roy Mustang

From Full Metal Alchemist

The great thing that would make Roy Mustang a good President is the  fact that he cares deeply for civilians and his country being a colonel in the army. Though very col at times as well as bold he shows compassion for all people specially the young children. Also one thing that would be great about Roy Mustang being president i that he would have a mini skirt army which isn’t really bad now that you quiet think of it.


Candiadate  #4 Representing The Mecha party Spike Spiegal

From CowBoy BeBop

The one great thing about having Spike Spiegal as  President would be that civilians would never go hungrty and the poor would never be poor. I think a lot of people of our country can relate to that suffering economically that we can’t make ends meat or get food on the the table. Spike Spiegal can relate to this very well indeed for he had to chase down criminals as bounty hunter just to get money for food and supplies. So Spike Spiegal knows the struggle of what the working class in this country go though. so if we had somone like him for president America would no longer no hunger or unequal wages.


So those are the characters I would would  pick to run as Candidates for president. If you agree or disagree o r have better choice for candidates please leave a comment in the box below.









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