Assassins Creed III Review

By Jorge Paiz

The  third chapter in the Assasins Creed  Saga, this time Desmond Miles steps into the life of his Native American ancestor  Connor who takes the rule of the new assassin in this game. Now before I talk about the game as Connor there’s one thing that makes this Assassins Creed game different from the previous 4 games 3 of them being the continuation of Assassins Creed II.

To start off Unlike Assassins Creed 1 and 2 were  you would start off playing the main assassin from the start of the game to the very end. This games takes a different approach to it’s beginning. You don’t start off playing as Connor but as Hatham Kenway. Now you might be wondering who is this Lee character and how  does he fit in to the story of Connor or Desmond’s blood line of ancestor’s? Well  Hatham Kenway is infarct related to Desmond Miles and he plays a big role in Connor’s story as well as his life.I don’t want to give too much away about the character Hatham Kenway in this article. However I will say AC Fans that  this character will leave your jaws droped and give a whole new twist to the story of Connor, as well as reaveal a new secret to the Desmond’s blood line.


The character Connor is quiet Different from Altair or Ezio. Ezio and Altair had a sence of Romanticism to the era in which they lived in. We all know the Ezio was quiet the ladies man and the gentlemen. However Connor is more of  a warrior and hunter who thrives off the wild . Unlike Ezio his interactions with the other characters in the game play story line. Connor much like Ezio  is very humble and virtues  However Connor can be a bit of Jerk to a lot of the people he interacts with due to his premetive life style as Native American and his lack of Understanding of a more modern  and domestic culture. This I feel  gives a realistic feel to the game.  Another feature quality Connor has a character is for a good part of the of game when your playing as Connor he speaks in his Native Language. Though you will be reading quite a bit of subtitles you will feel like Connors character  feel very authentic.

Through out the game you meet several different historical figure in American history and Ubisoft put in many of teh biggest names in American history. Such as Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson. The list goes onbut   I don’t give away to much  but there’s a small portion of what to expect. Along with historical characters you also complete missions that are indeed infact some of the most life changing moment in the American revolution you’ve got the Boston Tea Party, The Midnight Run, The French and Indian war. This game pretty much takes your history class and makes it more interesting and more fun.


Connors arsenal of assassination weapons has quiet a bit of an advancement  due to the time period in this game you have Tomahawk  which given his native a American Background makes sense that he would have one as well as a Bow and Arrow. Accompanied with a one shot pistol.  Then  you have the hidden blade which a lot of a us who have played a assassins Creed have gotten used to and fell in love with. You also get smoke bombs  and snare traps.

The features in this game live up to  the story for example you have the feature where Connor can look at the ground and inspect it for animal track or Gun powder. You also have a hunting challenge feature where animals like a bear , buck, mountain line will attack you and you have to perform a command of buttons step by step to evade there attacks and counter attack them. Also once you kill and animal you have the feature that lets you skin them which is pretty cool cause thing you fond on these animals will come of use later. You still have the Eagle eye vision which lets you track targets as well as the ability to hide in hey bushes and take your victims by surprise and surprise assassinate them. As well the as the view point sync feature and leap of faith feature which we have seen ezio use to dive off  huge buildings into a hey stack.In this game Connor not only gives you tall buildingto leap  but cliffs as well and sometimes it may not be a leaf hay you dive into but rather a leaf pile depending on where your in a town or forest You also still have the feature where you rip off posters off walls of you that say your wanted as well as bribe the heralds in which case they be called town shouters to fake a story about you to lower you notoriety

I give Assassins Creed III Personally deserves a 9 out 10 for game play and story line.






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