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From Big Andy

Yes Anime fans… A second movie of avatar the last airbender live action is in production. Yes you will be seeing last airbender 2 in theaters that is if you love the first movie to begin with. If you are reading this article then I am going to assume that you like the first  Last Airbender movie. Some fans thought it was terrible. Some fans thought that it was great. Honestly when I watched the movie, I didn’t want to say anything negative because I love avatar the last airbender so much. I don’t know what is it about Aang and his little bald head but even thought Shyamalan did not do such a hot job on it, I still gave it credit. It could have been better ( If someone else had direct it) But hey we have no control as to who gets to direct a movie. Only Warners Bros, Fox, Disney and universal studios can decided on that.

So yes the second movie has been confirmed so keep reading. M. Knight Shyamalan will be directing part 2 of the movie. A few words on M. Knight Shyamalan. I respect the guy however I will admit that he could have made the movie  better as if should be. I am not sure what he was thinking when he first chose to direct the movie. If you know of his previous movies, none of them were martial arts base.

here is what M. Knight had to say about the last airbender movie live action movie.

What to expect from the avatar the last airbender 2 live action movie

Well let me give you a sneak peak. You see I am a geek when it comes to anime and movies my friends. I have been following the last airbender since day one. Maybe I will cosplay as Aang one day.

So check this out. The actor for Toph has already been chosen. I am not sure what her name is or who the actor is but it will be an asian actor (no racism). Honestly in the live action movie the actors in the earth kingdom were all asian so it makes sense that they will choose an asian kid for the part.  Also the movie is going to be much more exciting since Azula is going to be in it. She is actually my favorite villain believe it or not. She is twisted, manipulative but I love her as a character to be honest.

Also lets not forget that Zuko is no longer with the fire nation. He is now a refugee with his uncle Iroh.  This should make things interesting. Obviously Aang and Zuko are going to fight again as well as face Azula Which I am dying to see. M. Knight Shyamalan should take the peoples criticism and use it to improve this movie. Honestly we just want the live action movie to stay as true to the show as possible and lots of action. Get better fight scene choreographs.

Also the Kyoshi warriors will make their appearance in this movie here is a shot of them in the movie. It was first removed from the first live action movie and the director decided to save the kyoshi warrior for the next movie.

Release Date

So avatar the last airbender 2 live action movie. One thing is for sure. The movie is most likely to be release late 2014or early 2015. Remember this is just rumors…no release date has been confirmed since the movie is still in production.

By the way part 3 of the last airbender movie will also be produced of course by M. Knight.

The contracts have been signed by him and confirmed.

It is also said that the directors of the animate series Micheal Dante Dimartino wants to make his own movie whether if its live action or animated revolving around either The legend of Korra or The last airbender.


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