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I bet the title of this article made you click so fast you forgot what you were searching for online right. Well I am going to get straight to the point because I know how anxious and eager you guys are to know the truth. Avatar the last airbender series has left us a mystery so deep that fans go crazy trying to find the answer (I know because I am one of them).

zukos mom

First let me start by saying. Ever thought why Zuko and Azula can never get along. Ever wondered why Zuko’s fire bending is not as fierce as Azula or firelord Ozai. Ever noticed that when Zuko was a little kid he was always timid and shy just like his mother while Azula was confident and frightening just like her father. Ever noticed why fire lord Ozai always preferred Azula over Zuko and is not because Azula is better. Ever wondered why fire lord Ozai burned Zuko’s face as punishment to teach him “respect.”  Why couldn’t the fire lord just train his son like any father would. Seriously

Fire lord had some kind of detest for his son and love his daughter. Isnt it true. Why force your son to search for the avatar. It sounds to me like an excuse to get rid of your own son.

After the fight with fire lord Ozai

After Aang stripped the fire lord of his firebending power. Everyone was in peace again. That last episode when Zuko goes back to see his father and asks him “it is time for you to tell me where is my mother?” Fire lord Ozai did not asnwer him. Read the avatar comic book and you will see what I mean. It is called the promise.

In fact the fire lord began to play with Zuko’s mind. Of course you should know by now that Zuko is related to avatar Roku. Roku is Zuko’s maternal grandfather. So Zuko is actually closer to Aang the he knows. Uncle Iroh was the one that told Zuko. So Zuko has befriended Roku’s reincarnation.

So anyways. Now to answer the question. Does Zuko ever find his mom? Here is the thing. It began when Ozai asked to be the next heir to the throne. His fatherAzulon told him that he could not because his brother Iroh was the oldest and next to the throne. Ozai insisted by telling Azulon that Iroh would die in war (during that time they were trying to conquer Bah Sen Se). Azulon was angry at Ozai for thinking of such BS. Not only that but Ozai was so evil he tried to persuade the fire lord by saying that Iroh had not children so if he were to die there would be no heir to the throne.

During that time fire lord Azulon wanted to punish Ozai by taking one of his children. That is when Zuko comes into the picture. You see what I am trying to tell you here is that. Firelord Ozai is not Zuko’s dad. SURPRISE! for those who did not know. That is why Ozai was willing to sacrifice Zuko when he was just a kid so that when Azulon was dead he could take the throne. However his wife Ursa would not allow anyone to harm her first born child. So that is when Ozai vanished his wife for doing treacherous things that would help Ozai become the fire lord.

zuko mother

By the way. Did you know that Azula wants to kill her mother. Yes that is right. Azula wants to murder her own mother because she fears her. There seems to be many family problems going on here and is very similar to real life. Michael Danteh Demartino did a splendid job in creating the story of this series. Anyways moving on. So there you have now you know that Fire lord Ozai is not Zuko’s dad and that explains why Zuko and Azula are so different and never get along. Just knowing that is a huge key as to what happened to Zuko’s mother.

So there you go folks I just told you the first part of what happened to Zuko’s mom. Stay tune for part 2.

ONE MORE HINT: There is a possibility that Zuko’s mother rest with the avatars click here for source.

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