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This article goes out to most anime fan girls and female convention goers wearing tight, sexy cosplay outfits that drive the boys wild and drooling like pigs. First of all, I am 23 years old as I write this article. I have been to many anime conventions and have seen all sorts of cosplay. However I believe that it is females that make these conventions popular and the boys not just the love of the hobbies it self. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that all boys want at an anime convention is to take pictures and get hugs with a hot cosplay girl.

The problem is the confusion going on with the anime community and the way that non convention goers see it. The “real world” sees the anime conventions as a place for creeps to touch girls while in revealing cosplay. Read this article by the washington post of otakon.


Those who are older in their twenties going to these conventions trying to enjoy the hobby get hurt and looked at as weird odd and creepy. It is true that there are pedophiles running around in these conventions with the intend to “score” with a cute young anime girl. It has happened to me and I actually knew a guy who went to conventions for this very purpose.  However you cannot be afraid of attending a convention just because there are pedophiles there. Pedophiles are everywhere and creeps are easy to avoid. You also have to keep in mind that pedophiles are not only males in cosplay but also females. For a good example of that read this awkward anime convention story.

You dont want to be a convention creeper

You dont want to be a convention creeper

There are creepy girls as much as their are guys but the majority rather think that ” All guys are pervert so therefore they are the only ones label as pedophiles.” There is another problem with labeling someone a pedophile or creepy. The anime industry openly shows hentai (anime pornography). Anime fans being as young as they are read hentai. So they are exposed to sexual content in the form of manga (japanese comic book). So if hentai is also part of the anime industry that sells animated television series to young men and women (Teenagers and kids at 13 years of age) Doesn’t that mean that anime fans go to these anime convention with the thought of sex in mind.  I know of many people who went to anime conventions expecting to find the love of their life or hook ups. Here is an interesting article from Dr Nerd Love on why you should not go to conventions to pick up girls or guys.

Isnt she creepy

Isnt she creepy

The point that I am trying to deliver here is that don’t that anime conventions are basically for all ages. Therefore there will be situations involving sexual harassment. The anime industry is sexual and is for teens and young kids that is the problem. So just because you see some one in their twenties going to an anime convention by themselves does not make them a pedophile or that old man dressed as master roshi. Simultaneously you must keep an eye for these “creeps” and here is how.

How to avoid creeps at anime conventions

  • Convention goers approaching you with pick up lines. Avoid anyone that says “are you in cosplay or are you just freaking hot.” Pick up lines are easy to determine. If  anyone approaches you with a pick up lines you want to get away from them as soon as possible. People must approach you in a friendly warm way in order.
  • Some one takes a picture of you without permission. Isn’t that just a little weird. Unless they work for the FBI they should ask before they take a picture of you even at a convention where this is common.
  • If you are not in cosplay and someone takes a picture of you. Avoid that person. This is self explanatory I need not say more.
  • Over all conventions are a very social place so it is hard for creeps and pedophiles to try and do anything physical to you so most likely, all they will do is look at you like you were a piece of meet. If someone tried to touch you in a very weird way you have the right to self defense.


How to Avoid Being a Creep at anime conventions

Dont approach a cosplayer from behind. Always approach from the side or the front. You want the person to see when you are coming towards them. This makes them feel safe and if they are intimidated by your appearance then they have the choice to run away. Don’t take it personal if they reject you.

When taking a picture with a cosplay never place your hands below the waist. Place your hand on the arms or shoulders and make sure to leave a two inch gap between the two of you. This will make her feel safer around you.

Always ask permission to take a picture.

Don’t chase anyone around or follow them. If you are interested in hanging out with the person ask them if they want to hang out with your friends for a cosplay photo shoot.

If you like to look at someone us the three second rule. Dont stare at them for more than three seconds. Glance and then look  away. If you look at someone always put a friendly smile to communicate that you mean no harm.

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