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I have been a long time berserk fan. Since the first 25 episode series and the manga and now to the animated films called the golden age. Having watched both the Egg of the high king and the capture of Doldrey I must say the new animation style has pushed berserk to the top of my favorite anime. Berserk is one of those anime that will become legendary for as long as it can. My only question is, will they continue on with the Golden Age movies and actually show the ending of the story.


If you have read the manga and watched the 25 episode series anime of berserk than you already know what happens. After Griffith sacrifices his entire band of the hawk and becomes the new king of demons. Guts and Casca survive or at least they are save by that mysterious skull knight. Yes we all know that Casca is raped by Griffith in his demon form. She is then traumatized. When Guts and Casca make it out alive from the eclipse in the realm of the demons Casca can no longer speak and is afraid of men. She does not like Guts either.

What Anime and Comics Fandomania predicts for the berserk golden arc series.

The manga is still continuing with berserk and the story of Guts, Griffith, Casca and some new characters that appear. All hell brakes lose and demons begin to wander the world ever since Griffith became the king of demons. Now that is just the manga however I would love to see if the creators of the golden age will bring that to the animated film series. In arc 1 and 2 the story has been summarized from episode 1 to 20.

In the capture of Doldrey, if you watch the film and pay close attention, you will see the little fairy inside a caravan and guts walks by it as he stops and contemplates the skies. Simply amazing I must say. This means that there is a possibility that the creators of the berserk golden age will finish berserk series with the animated films. Of course the manga will come to its conclusion but simultaneously the films will too.

Yes I recommend you finish watching both golden age arcs and see the little hints made for you. At first I thought it was going to be a trilogy but boy was I wrong. It seems that there will be more of berserk coming at you. Perhaps it will be six films, shit I say make it eight as long as we see a conclusion to the story. That one thing that bothers me about manga is how the artist beat around the bush with the story and make filler episodes and chapters. (Just like Naruto) although the manga of berserk does not have fillers but rather side quest that part of the story it sure makes a fan anxious to know what is coming next.

Berserk golden age arc III(3) Descent. Release Date.

The next movie berserk golden age arc III(3) Descent will be release in the winter of 2013. Yes finally I said when I heard the news. Lucky for you guys here at anime and comics fandomania, we are passionate about what we do and do our best to bring you the most accurate news we can find.

We all know what is going to happen in this third film. No doubt so I wont talk about it. A date has not been given to us yet but it is definitely coming int he winter time and mostly likely it will be after valentines day I say.  so stick around and we will bring to you more and more news about berserk.

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