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Us anime fans we love more than just the anime it self. Not only do we ridiculously cosplay at conventions( some of us in our everyday lives) but we also love japanese culture and japanese food (not necessarily chinese food as we americans like to call it). I have had my share of japanese food. I took japanese language class in high school fortunately enough and my japanese teach not only me kindergarden level japanese but also allowed the class to try some of her cultures food.

It was a fun experience. First time I had pocky sticks as well japanese mints, and so much more. Today I just want to share some ideas with you guys. Some japanese candy popular out there and just give out some information in case you want to try them yourself.

Japanese soda

I my self had not tried it the japanese soda but only looked at it from afar. However according Jorge Paiz anime radio sjapanese candy sodahow host. he says japanese sodas are a pain in the ass to open. Me and the show host agreed that many japanese products look like toys. They have a round and miniature shape too them that makes them seem small. It is sweeter than regular american brand name sodas and it has a very fruity taste to it. Most japanese snacks and sodas have  a fruit like flavor to them. They taste very natural more than american made sodas.

How would you describe the taste of coke and pepsi? Most likely you cant because american soda is artificial flavor. It taste very gassy and much citric acid. So if you are looking for something real sweet without artificial flavor then try japanese soda through the link below




Japanese melon bread

japanese melon breadI first learned about melon bread from the romance comedy anime called “DearS” Its about aliens coming to the planet and living amongst us humans in our homes. Pretty cool anime check it out. So yes I tried this melon bread at a convention. Many japanese stores like to go to conventions and sell their products. I bought like four melon breads but the only problem was that it cost five dollars per melon bread. A lot of money but I have to say that it taste awesome. You yourself will love it too. I am not sure what the recipe is for the japanese melon bread but I recommend it. If you are willing to spend the five dollars per melon bread. Honestly if you get the smaller ones it will cost less.





Pocky Sticks

If you have been watching anime for at least five years you should know about pocky sticks my friends. Honestly I didn’t learn about pocky sticks until I watched please teacher. If you have never heard of the anime “Please Teacher” or Onegai Sensei.” I recommend you watch it. The reason I recommend is because I dont usually watch romance anime but please teacher is different. That main character suffers from an unusual illness which drew me right into the story. In the anime, they eat alot of pocky sticks. Which are basically chocolate wheat sticks(they also come in strawberry). I have tried them and it is a fun snack. Sometimes I dont even eat them, I just collect them for fun. I like the pure chocolate that the japanese use. They make it so pure and tasty.



Japanese strawberry gummy candy

japanese strawberry gummy candyI bought one of these at FYE(For Your Entertainment) It tasted super sweet like most japanese candy. It taste sweet but a natural sweetener and you can tell the difference if you try American candy. They use natural fruits on their products. While American tends to get scientific and add artificial flavors. They are squashy and slimy. They come in many flavors. There is kiwi and I think mango as well as lemon. Give it a try click here to get them at a discounted price.

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