ACFRADIO Cosplay Interviews Connecticon 2014

By Jorge Paiz

Finaly it is here fellow Fanadomaniacs at Connecticon 2014 ACFRADIO host Jorge Paiz Interviewed Cosplayers wearing cosplays from many fandoms asking questions about cosplay and Connecticon. I had so much fun doing these interviews and editing this video. Thank You to the Connecticon staff and Marniak Leo and all the cosplayers I interviewed for making this video possible and Tom a.k.a. Secret Asian Man.

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ACFRADIO Three Questions with Nostalgia Critic and Rob Walker at Connecticon 2014

ACRADIO Host Jorge Paiz Interviews Doug Walker a,k,a. The Nostalgia
critic and his Brother Rob Walker at Connecticon 2014!


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Nerd Self Help Episode 1: Insecurieties

Anime and Comics Fandomania’s Jorge Paiz and Big Andy give some self help advice on how to over come insecurities and how to be comfortable in your own skin in public and  to stop worrying about what people think.

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ACFRADIO: Doctor Who series 8 update

By Jorge Paiz

Radio Show host Jorge Paiz  gives us an update of what is and what may to come in Doctor who series 8 taring Peter Capauldi as the new Doctor As well as some info on the second episode and a rumor as to who might be the new master in Doctor Who series 8. As well some spoilers that were blocked out by the music of time in this video.



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Legend of Korra Season 3 Episodes 1-2 and 3 Review

Hello there korra fans. Its back its bigger and its even better than ever.

Legend of Korra has done something we have all been wanting for the longest time.

Spoiler Alert!

I recommend that if you have not watched the episodes of korra season 3 then stop reading this now and go watch it. This is Big Andy speaking and as a Libra I love airbenders which is why Season 3 got me all hyped up. THE AIRBENDERS ARE BACK.

After 170 years as said by tensen, new airbenders have been appearing throughout the earth kingdom. Alright finally.

This is going to be a review of all the 3 episodes released by Nickelodeon. So many things have been revealed and my only question is, how come Nickelodeon is releasing so many episodes at once. I mean don’t get me wrong but it would just make more sense to if they released one episode at a time. However it is also good because fans are not kept waiting. Ok so enough talk here we go.

Episode 1.

The-Legend-of-Korra-Book-3In episode one we witness what Republic city is like with all the spirits inside the spirit vines. feisty bastard that they are. I would think that spirits are a lot nicer. Everyone hates Korra and blames her for the condition of the city. What a bunch of ungrateful idiots. They were lucky that Korra defeated Tarlak otherwise, Republic city would have been destroyed and in worst condition. Just like in real life people always look for someone else to blame for their unfortunate events and their discomfort.

Korra seemed to be in great stress but I mean isn’t she always. Is not easy being the Avatar and now she has to do everything her self without guidance of her past lives. Remember that Tarlak beat Rava and force her to lose connection with her past lives. Therefore Korra wont be able to connect with Aang, Avatar Roku, Avatar Kyoshi, Wang Cha and all other past lives. Korra actually lost a tremendous asset if you think about it.

Tensen then advices Korra that she did the best she could to safe the world and whether they like it or not she has to be satisfied with her choice. Korra then decides to leave Republic city (well actually she was banned from it).

And here comes my favorite part. It looks like many airbender were found. The first one was found at the top of a bridge. The poor guy didnt know what was going on with him. Korra was able to empathize  and connect with the new airbender.

Episode 2

I dont like Bumi but shit am I glad to see him airbend. Honestly he looks more like an earth bender but air is better :). They team The-Legend-of-Korra-Season-3-Episode-1-2-A-Breath-of-Fresh-Air-Rebirth-of-a-Nationventure out to find the earth benders that have been appearing in Ba Seng Se. (I love that name). What Tensen was telling people to convince them to join the airbenders temple was hilarious. “if you join the air temple  you will get tattoos like me.”

So much for being a sales man and that kid that lived in his moms basement (nerd) was so annoying. Dont tell him I said this but he reminds me of Jorge Paiz the host of ACFRADIO.

And oh yes these criminals that keep breaking out of their prison. I must say things are getting exciting. First that airbender that kicked the white lotus arse(old way of saying ass… sounds better doesnt it). I wonder what these guys are going to do.

Finally for episode 2 of season 3. That airbending kid that they took in. That dirty little thief, I want to strangle him. It is cool that they have a new airbender but shite why does he have to be a thief.

Episode 3.

Jinora has a thing for the dirty little thief. Yeah since they were little girls, females have always had a thing for bad guys.

The earth queen is a B***…. and Mako and Bolin’s little adventure chasing the little thief around Ba Seng Se its absolutely hilarious. For a nasty bastard he sure knows how to take care of himself.

Desna and Eska are emotionless as always. Two characters with such dull personalities however they are master water benders.

I want to punch this kid in the face

I want to punch this kid in the face

ZUKO yes finally we get to see Zuko with white hair riding a fucking dragon. I guess Zuko and the white lotus finally found the dragon’s whereabouts however I think that the white lotus was hiding the dragons the whole time. After all, uncle Iro was part of the white lotus and he allowed the last dragon to live( he also lied and told everyone that he killed the last dragon.) Zuko looks super cool as an old man and Fire Lord.

In this third episode Zuko enters a secret prison where a dangerous fire bender is kept. I think the outlaws that escape those prisons have something to do with the death of Aang. I think that is why Zuko is afraid of them. If they join forces once more than not even Korra will be able to stop. God damn I am so excite for episodes four and five.

Finally it looks like the earth bitch ……ooops I mean the earth queen is hiding all the airbenders. The dai li capture that thief, which made me really happy. I think the earth queen wants to control the airbenders and use them for her own selfish reasons.

Damn Korra just keeps getting better and better. Bring it Michael Danteh.

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ACFRADIO Movie Review Transformers 4: age of extinction

ACFRADIO show host Jorge  Paiz reviews the 4th installment in the Transformers franchise age of Exstinction. Has Michael Bay redeemed himself from making so many films filled with plot holes and lack of continuity? Or has he created a master piece signifying the beginning of the apocalypse?




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ACFRADIO Big announcement

This is the start of our first Vlog with a big announcement  of new things to come to ACFRADIO!

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anime cake

hey whats up people

by Big ANdy

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Marvel Movie Predictions: The Dark Avengers

By Jorge Paiz

Now most of us who are fans of Marvel super heroes like spider-man, X-men, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, iron man etc.  Have been raving  praising the marvel movies of each of these super heroes who tie into the  wonder known as the  Avengers. Now while the Avengers have broken ground for the marvel universe, along with the follow up of individual sequels for each character. Though with the recent reboot of the spider-man  franchise having a sequal coming out next month and the new X-men movie coming out I feel it would be the right time to project some prediction that most  di hard marvel comic fans may agree with and marvel movie fans do not know about. I’m  talking about The Dark Avengers. Who are The dark Avengers you a? The Dark avengers were a multi-series story arch that was entitled   Dark Reign which debuted in January 2009.  Which was Written by Brian Micheal Bendis and illustrated by Mike  Dedato.

[Spoiler warning for non comic readers]

The story line takes  in after math of the  Secret invasion in which the U.S. government disbands the federally sanctioned super hero team the Avengers. this was a time in the marvel universe where power was shifted  to the newly reformed Norman Osborne who became known as The Iron Patriot  who was previously leading a team known as Thunderbolts. Also Norman Osborne was running S.H.I.E. L.D. he then reforms shield into H.A.M.M.E.R.  The Dark avengers had a good run of 16  comic book issues.  That revealed old and new characters in ways we never thought we would see them. The line of the Dark Avengers consists of Iron Patriot who is Norman Osborne who wears  the Iron suit painted red white and blue to pay respect and homage to Iron man and Captain America. then we also  Spider-Man however this was n ot Peter Parker it was Mac Gargan who was formally known as Scorpion. Also the suit spider man ears in this is teh venom suit. Until the suit is taken from him by the government in which he went back to being scorpion. then the suit was picked up again by Ai Apeac. who was a sooth american humanoid spider god from south america. Also we have Ms.  Marvel who is non other then the reformed villain known as Moon stone who real name is Karla Sofen. She then leaves the team and her role is taken up by Deidre Wenworth formally known as the villain superia. We also have Hawkeye who is non other then the reformed villain  Bullseye who is then later killed  by Daredevil in shadow land. Then the role of haekeye is taken up again by Barney Barton after his death was revealed fake by Osborne. Then there wolverine who is non other then Wolverines psychopathic son Akihiro formally known as Daken Who is killed in Uncanny X-force. There is also the company of Captain Marvel and Ares.

Current Movie directions.

With the ay the marvel movies are headed  with The X-men series the avengers and Spider-man we can almost certainly presume that they will  be heading towards the Dark Avengers story line  Now a lot of the comic book fans would definitely love this. The 3 main reason why I believe they will do this are as follows

1. Loki takes over Asgard.

Now for those of you who saw Thor 2 Dark World at the end it is revealed that Loki was impersonating Odin in which could indicate that they might  go into the siege story arch where Loki manipulates Norman osborn and his evil avengers to inavde Asgard  to kill everyone now that he is impersonating Odin. This leaves a big possibility open for the dark reign arc to happen therefore making the Dark Avengers

2. Onslaught

Now some of you are wondering who is Onslaught well Onslaught is mutant made of the Consciousness of professor Xavier and Magnito. Now in 1996 there was a crossover with Onslaught and the avengers in which afterword they were declared dead which introduced the Thunderbolts. Withe the X-mens future past movie set o me released the possibility of the his happening is 1 in 5.Depending on how the movie goes  it leaves teh possibility of this happening if Professor Xavier and Magnito  join souls together to make this entity. Which can be a hint hidden in plain sight in this movie.


3. Marvels agents of shield.

This could be main key leading up to Dark Avengers for Agents of Shield has been show that has said to introduce heros and story arch’s that may not make it to the big screen but may very well tie in with big screen story lines.  This show can come up with so many twists that can lead to this series such as Norman Osborne taking control of shield as reformed villain or introducing the thunderbolts and other marvel characters. the possibility’s are endless

So with that being said e can only hope that the studios pay proper tribute to the origin’s of the Marvel Comic’s  and give us the grim dark story lines of  The Dark Avengers acknowledging that period of Marvel’s dark reign Arch and then slowly transcending  back into Marvels Heroic Age with lighter story-lines it pays good homage and has good contrast

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Captain America The Winter Soldier ACFRADIO.COM Review

By Jorge Paiz

Captain America Marvel Comics most patriotic hero returns to the big screen in a all new movie Captain America  The Winter soldier.  as always Captain America is played by non other than Chris Evans. Along with returning cast Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. Now for those who saw the first movie and saw what followed up with The Avengers, you know that the first movie was set based in the 1940′s during world war II. Then later in avengers we get to see Captain America  once again trying to get back into fulfilling his heroic duty american hero in modern time accompanied with other  memorable Mravel super heroes along with shield. In this movie however Captain America is  back working solo… Well almost we still get the company of Nick Fury and Black Widow as Captain work with them under shield.   So just from that you can tell we are in for ride with this movie.


We first begin our story with Captain America a.k.a. Steve Rodgers adapting to ordinary life in the modern  world of the 21st century . Being  a soldier that grew up and fought in the 1940s  adjusting to new age where there new, music, technology, and advanced medicine can be quiet an adventure for someone who was frozen for many years. However this story’s  contrast comes from the captain adapting to the new system of moral and justice that  confronts him in the line of Duty. One thing that gives  contrast to his character is how the organization keeps secrets from him, despite the fact that he feels his comrades should trust each other and not keep secrets from him or each other, this builds contradiction to his code of honor and serving as a soldier for his country and the world.  This gives Captain America room to grow and develop as a character now knowing that there are secrets kept from the public and from himself due  his code of ethics being straight forward and different from  code of ethics that shield lives by keeping things hidden in the shadows from people to keep them safe based on a notion of fear.

So with that concept setting the tone for the movie, this makes an interesting setup where almost anything can happen. Now I do not want to give away any spoiler on here, but I can say that conflict of interest Captain America has with  the organization he works now that it compromised gives room for so any interesting plot twists.  Now although the concept of shield being compromised makes for an interesting story, the one draw back is that it overshadows the protagonist of the title that is the winter soldier  for those of you who read the comics is James Barnes “Bucky” was originally made to be the one to do things captain america was to nice to do. However in later issues this was changed due to the fact that they know marvel longer favored teen like side-kicks.  In Captain America Volume 5 # 12  Bucky was   was said to be in plane crash where he is then found by General Vasily Karpov. Who finds Bucky  with his body frozen and well preserved minus the missing of  one arm. Bucky also suffers brain damage causing him to have amnesia. He then given a cybernetic arm which get upgraded as technology improves. which leads to the present day where winter soldier  kills the red skull and and Jack Monroe as well as causing a terrorist attack on Philadelphia killing hundreds of people. Once confront by Captain America he tells the winter soldier of his wrong doing.

Now  This would have made a good story line for the movie if it was just this for the basic concept. However the Winter Soldier in this movie becomes more of s sub plot that  makes up  one part of an even bigger plot.  This makes him more of  side villain then a main protagonist.   The reason being is cause through out most of the movie we  do not get enough screen time of the winter soldier. With the screen time that we do get does make up with awesome cinematic fight scenes between Captain America and the Winter Soldier.  We also get some interesting back story of the Winter Soldier “Bucky” played by Sebastian Stan and how he came to be the winter soldier which hits dead aim on the canon meter of the original comic.  We also get some new additional characters which i wil not mention to avoid spoiling played by Anthony Mackie, Cobie Smulders, Robert Redford, and Emily Vancamp which add some unique surprises. As for the secret ending all I can say is you are seeing two.

Over Captain america Winter Soldier did an alright Job though having a misleading title and bit of a clunky plot it  payed homage to the original Comic book had everything you would expect from a Marvel movie along with a Stan Lee cameo and few surprises that open doors for possibility’s I give Captain america Winter Soldier  a 8/10.

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