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Captain America The Winter Soldier ACFRADIO.COM Review

By Jorge Paiz

Captain America Marvel Comics most patriotic hero returns to the big screen in a all new movie Captain America  The Winter soldier.  as always Captain America is played by non other than Chris Evans. Along with returning cast Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. Now for those who saw the first movie and saw what followed up with The Avengers, you know that the first movie was set based in the 1940′s during world war II. Then later in avengers we get to see Captain America  once again trying to get back into fulfilling his heroic duty american hero in modern time accompanied with other  memorable Mravel super heroes along with shield. In this movie however Captain America is  back working solo… Well almost we still get the company of Nick Fury and Black Widow as Captain work with them under shield.   So just from that you can tell we are in for ride with this movie.


We first begin our story with Captain America a.k.a. Steve Rodgers adapting to ordinary life in the modern  world of the 21st century . Being  a soldier that grew up and fought in the 1940s  adjusting to new age where there new, music, technology, and advanced medicine can be quiet an adventure for someone who was frozen for many years. However this story’s  contrast comes from the captain adapting to the new system of moral and justice that  confronts him in the line of Duty. One thing that gives  contrast to his character is how the organization keeps secrets from him, despite the fact that he feels his comrades should trust each other and not keep secrets from him or each other, this builds contradiction to his code of honor and serving as a soldier for his country and the world.  This gives Captain America room to grow and develop as a character now knowing that there are secrets kept from the public and from himself due  his code of ethics being straight forward and different from  code of ethics that shield lives by keeping things hidden in the shadows from people to keep them safe based on a notion of fear.

So with that concept setting the tone for the movie, this makes an interesting setup where almost anything can happen. Now I do not want to give away any spoiler on here, but I can say that conflict of interest Captain America has with  the organization he works now that it compromised gives room for so any interesting plot twists.  Now although the concept of shield being compromised makes for an interesting story, the one draw back is that it overshadows the protagonist of the title that is the winter soldier  for those of you who read the comics is James Barnes “Bucky” was originally made to be the one to do things captain america was to nice to do. However in later issues this was changed due to the fact that they know marvel longer favored teen like side-kicks.  In Captain America Volume 5 # 12  Bucky was   was said to be in plane crash where he is then found by General Vasily Karpov. Who finds Bucky  with his body frozen and well preserved minus the missing of  one arm. Bucky also suffers brain damage causing him to have amnesia. He then given a cybernetic arm which get upgraded as technology improves. which leads to the present day where winter soldier  kills the red skull and and Jack Monroe as well as causing a terrorist attack on Philadelphia killing hundreds of people. Once confront by Captain America he tells the winter soldier of his wrong doing.

Now  This would have made a good story line for the movie if it was just this for the basic concept. However the Winter Soldier in this movie becomes more of s sub plot that  makes up  one part of an even bigger plot.  This makes him more of  side villain then a main protagonist.   The reason being is cause through out most of the movie we  do not get enough screen time of the winter soldier. With the screen time that we do get does make up with awesome cinematic fight scenes between Captain America and the Winter Soldier.  We also get some interesting back story of the Winter Soldier “Bucky” played by Sebastian Stan and how he came to be the winter soldier which hits dead aim on the canon meter of the original comic.  We also get some new additional characters which i wil not mention to avoid spoiling played by Anthony Mackie, Cobie Smulders, Robert Redford, and Emily Vancamp which add some unique surprises. As for the secret ending all I can say is you are seeing two.

Over Captain america Winter Soldier did an alright Job though having a misleading title and bit of a clunky plot it  payed homage to the original Comic book had everything you would expect from a Marvel movie along with a Stan Lee cameo and few surprises that open doors for possibility’s I give Captain america Winter Soldier  a 8/10.

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Naruto Manga - 670 - 01

Naruto The Reincarnation of the son of the sage of six paths-Ashura-Hard work VS Genius

Naruto Manga - 670 - 01Since the very beginning we all thought that Naruto was the next sage of six paths. SURPRISE! And you know what I am kinda glad it turn out this way because it actually made sense. The reason why I say that is because ever since Obito absorbed the ten tailed beast and gained the sage of six paths power it no longer looked impossible to reach that level of power. Then Madara gained the sage’s power. I wouldnt be surprise if Kakashi gains the sage of six paths powers as well. See what I mean.

In Chapter 670 of naruto we learn who the real sage of six paths is and boy am I glad to finally see him. This whole time we only saw silhouettes of the sage but never his real face. Not only did we see the sage of six paths face but also we saw his mother named Kaguya.

sage of six paths mother

Remember when we learned the sage of six paths. The first person to ever mentioned it was Jiraiya (miss you so much dude). Then Pain mentioned the sage of six paths. Finally Tobi(Obito) told Sasuke the history of the sage of six paths and how Naruto and Sasuke were destine to fight for eternity due to the legacy the sage left behind. So now in chapter 670 of Naruto it is reveal by the sage of six paths who appeared right before Naruto that is the reincarnation of Ashura the sage’s son. What I dont understand is why did they called the sage Rikudo when his real name is Hagoromo.


So not only that but Hagoromo also reveals that he had a brother and that him and his brother fought and defeated the bijuu and locked its power inside their body. Hagoromo took that power and divided it into nine parts and gave them names.

Genius VS Hard Work(the eternal battle)

Here comes my favorite part. Remember in the first series of Naruto when Naruto fought Neji at the Chuunin tournament. Neji always talked shit about how the Hokages were destine to become Hokages because their past lives had set that destiny for them. He said that hard work alone is not enough. That you must be born to be a Hokage by blood and destiny. That hard work alone is good but no enough for success. I remember those good old episodes. I never get tire of them.


The reason why I bring this up is because it is the same with Naruto and Sasuke. So Naruto is the reincarnation of Ashura the son of Hagoromo who was gifted with great body stamina. The older son was named Indra and he was the one with the Sharingan eye. Indra was a genius, everything came to him Naturally. Indra was considered a genius and had great sense of battle. Indra understood that with power anything can come true. The thing about Indra is that he did everything by himself without the help of anyone. He was very different. In this case we can see a lot of Sasuske. The Uchiha clan inherit Indras sharingan and his natural sense for battle and power and chakra.

On the other hand Ashura was not very gifted and he was not good at doing anything. Since childhood that is how Ashura was. He could never do anything right. To gain the same mastery level as Indra, Ashura had to work hard with much effort with the cooperation of other people. By suffering and training really hard Ashura gained the same powers as Indra. You can see a lot of Naruto here right. That is how it was.


Ashura understood that working with others made him strong while Indra(sasuke) wanted to do things alone because he knew he was powerful. Ashura understood love, cooperation and working with others. The sage of six path knew that there was a real possibility with Ashura’s believe of cooperation.

The beginning of the war was when Hagoromo (sage of six paths) chose Ashura as the successor of Ninshuu(different than ninjutsu). Hagoromo thought that Indra would cooperate but Indra did not accept. He felt betrayed by his father for not chosing him and indra oppose his brother and ever since then the body(senju) and the mind (uchiha) have been fighting.

Realize that the sage invented Ninshuu not ninjutsu. Ninjutsu was made for war and Ninshuu was made for peace. I am not sure how they differ in use but that is what they are called.

People are saying that ever since chapter 670 the theme of Naruto has been lost. The entire theme of Naruto was about this little ninja boy wanting to become Hokage. Its about Naruto overcoming obstacles. Yeah he is a descendant of the Senju (Ashura). Do you think Naruto would have become the Ninja that he is today if he would have bitched and cry and be all emo when people put him down because he was the nine tails.

Just because Naruto has the genetics of the senju clan does not make him powerful. It is his actions and hard work got him there.

Example: my father could be a multi millionaire and I could inherit that money but that does not mean I am as good as my father. In fact I am shit compare to my father because my father actually worked hard to become a millionaire. I could be sitting on my dads money like a lazy shit.

The theme of Naruto is that you might be gifted but if I work hard I can overcome you. And I can relate so much with that. I grew up around so called naturals and people that were considered Naturals and lucky.

To finalize this. The sage of six paths appeared because Naruto had connected with the chakra of the tailed beast which the sage had used himself. I also like how the sage of six paths looks. It seems that the rinnegan is part of the power of the ten tailed beast. I believe that now Naruto will use some of the power of the tail beast or learn it from the sage. Madara has to be stopped one way or another. After all this whole war was because of Madara. Hashirama did once tried to make Madara the Hokage so that he can be in charge and lead the shinobi world to a better future. That was the whole purpose of the village to bring together all clans. However Madara refused Hashiramas offer of peace and decided to come up with a better plan.

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sora magic guns

Kingdom Hearts 3 – Check out these 4 expected new abilities and skills for Sora

Ok so we know you are excited for Kingdom Hearts new release. Most importantly you are anticipating the new worlds and characters that will be appearing in KH3 right. As a Kingdom Hearts fan there are a couple of things that I wish they change about the game itself that will make more interesting. The past game have been nothing but fillers and repetition.  Kingdom Hearts 3 is still in development. What you saw in the trailer it is subject to change and Square Enix is still listening to their fans. Oh yeah.

Before I go on the possible skills in KH3 that Sora will have I just want to say that I wish Tetsuya Nomura would change Sora’s clothes. Yeah how about new magical clothes bro. Seriously. Give Sora some new clothes. The guy grows up every year withing the game so why not change his look. We get tire of seeing the same thing every game. Nomura has a lot of fashion design skills.

Ok so here we go.


sora magic guns

Of course if you saw the trailer you must have noticed it. Sora will have guns now. Every game and its mother its giving guns to their character. This is really cool in my opinion. Not only will we get new keyblades but it will be fun to have Sora use guns. Although Kingdom Hearts may seem like the type of game where guns just aren’t cool, I am sure the creators will make it blend in. Remember the Mage Gun job in Final Fantasy 10 part 2. It will probably be something like that. Damn I cant wait.


Free Running!

Sora KH3 running

Ever since Prince of Persia, every gaming company and their grandmother is trying to add a free running and parkour feature to their game. Dont get me wrong, I love parkour. The problem is that many games are starting to look the same. However with that little glimpse of free running we got in the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer I get the feeling that it will be different than other games that apply free running and parkour. Kingdom Hearts is known to be the only game of its kind since its been release in 2002. I cant wait to see Sora jumping off buildings and fighting heartless.


Vehicle summoning.


I guess this is the only thing I am not so hyper about in KH3. The vehicle summoning doesnt seem so pulling for me. In the trailer Sora is fighting the rock titan in Hercules world. Sora and his friends circled the titan with a train that ran on magical tracks. I guess that was pretty cool. But honestly I wanted to see actual summonings like the Genie or Wall-E. Lets wait and see what Square Enix does.



Remember in Birth by Sleep how Terra, Aqua and Ventus all had this really cool armor. I believe Sora might be getting something like that. The armor allows the user to travel through space to other worlds. I think only keyblade masters can use it. This could be part of Soras new magical clothing. It would be sexy to see Sora in all armor.

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Saint Seiya Omega Anime Series Review

I always wondered how come this anime did not become as well known as Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon and Yu Yu Hakusho. I mean it stared in the 80′s and 90′s with Sailor Moon and DBZ. I believe that Saint Seiya should get as much exposure as DBZ and Sailor Moon because of how creative it is . The plot and the idea of this anime in the 1980′s was true innovation in the anime world and something that was never seen before.

pegasus kouga pose

The story

Saint Seiya Omega begins years after the Knights of the Zodiac fight Poseidon. A new enemy arises. Mars the god of war. We still get to see the legendary Sagittarius Seiya. Our main hero Kouga is the new saint of the Pegasus constellation. Kouga was raised by Saori the new reincarnation of Athena. Kouga was seemed to haven been born when Athena fought Mars. When darkness and light collided two children were born. Aria and Kouga. Aria was taken and raised by Mars and Kouga was raised by Athena. Mars and his new friends, the saints of Lionet, Aquila, Wolf, Orion and Dragon aim to put a stop to Mars’ plans to take over the world.

What I like about Saint Seiya Omega is how the cloths gain elemental powers. Pegasus of course has the element of light. We will be seeing Saints from the previous saga’s such as Hyoga the Swan and Adromeda Shun. The new villians are freaking awesome. The fighting is just as good if not better than previous sagas. But this is only the Mars Saga.


Saturn Saga.

We get to see new transformed cloths with incredibly done new designs in the Saturn Saga. In this saga we also get to see the new level of cosmo which they are calling omega. The transformations in this series are so beauty it brought tears to my eyes (metaphorically speaking of course). It seems like the new generation of Saints are unable to reach the level of Omega while the new young generation have discovered how to reach it by working as one.

In this Saga Athena is at war with Pallas the goddess of love. Athenas saints march to war and yes even the gold saints are back to fight. Also legendary saints like Ikki the phoenix, Shiryu of Libra and much more. What I didnt like about this saga was the introduction of steel saints. When I saw this I scratched my head and all I could think about is how ugly the design of the armor was. Steel saints…..are you serious what about copper saints or nickel saints or wood saints or titanium saints. The armor of the steel saints looks like Gundam armor. It makes them look like cars which I think its really ugly. They could have made steel saints look better I mean bronze, silver and gold saint armor have such incredible designs that it seems to me the creators just slacked with steel saints. Then again steel saints armor was done by science rather than traditionally made armor.

Other than the ugly steel saints armor everything else was great. The enemies armor are called the Chronotectors because the enemies powers involve the use of time. I must say I am please with Saint Seiya Omega.

Also I forgot to mentioned that the designed of Casshern Sins is the designer for Saint Seiya Omega. Although Casshern Sins sucks as an anime the designs were pretty cool.


Anime and comics gives Saint Seiya Omega an 8.5 out of 10



Legend Of Korra Season 3 Release Date and What to Expect

Had it not been for The Last Airbender, Nickelodeon would probably not get as much attention as it use to. I mean seriously, the rest of the shows in Nickelodeon cannot compete with The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Perhaps Ben 10 but even so it is not as inspiring as the The Avatar. Feel free to disagree, after all, art is subjective.

Anyways. Legend of Korra has been one hell of a show. The legacy of the Avatar has change since season 2. I mean the Avatar world will be so different now with the new turn ups. The idea of the Avatar has changed since Korra no longer has connections to her past lives. So what does this mean? It means it is going to be a new beginning or should I say a new lore for the idea of what the Avatar should be.

Season 2

avatar wanWe saw Wan, the very first Avatar who was responsible for the release of Vatuh. Had it not been for him then Aang would have never ran away. (Just kidding) But seriously I cant believe that the first Avatar was some homeless thief but then again that makes it more interesting. I guest most adventures start with humble beginnings. The Lion turtles were incredible. It was because of the Lion Turtles that people were able to bend the element. The Lion Turtles could grant the power of bending because they knew how to “bend the energy within.” The only thing about season two is that I wished the creators would have chosen a better villian. I feel as though waterbenders just dont make good villians. (Do you agree?) At the same time it wasnt bad. I also enjoy the gloomy twins. They kicked ass. The ending of season 2 I believe was inspired by Pacific Rim. I mean how could it not be. Just look at the similarities. The creators must love giant robot fights. However they could have giving Korra a better design. Unalaqs design when he merged with Vatuh was super cool and Korra was just a blue giant. Then ending was good and it really makes you think about what is going to happen in book 3 now that the spirits are released in the world. Which leads me to our next section.

Season 3 – what to expect

There are incredible surprises in book 3 that you are all going to love. The villians and some Last Airbender nostalgia. First of all lets talk about what Unalaq left behind. When Unalaq became a giant merged with Vatuh he summoned upon the republic city the spirit wilds. Yes those vines that wrapped around the city. That is where the spirits will live.

In season 3 Korra will be traveling throughout the earth kingdom and we all know what that means. “Its a long, long way to Ba Sing Se.” Yes I still remember that song. Thank you uncle Iro. Also Korra will be paying a visit to the fire nations in season 3. I am excited because I hope we get to see King Zuko and his crazy bitch sister  Azula. Yes Azula is still around. Now here are a couple of more things that are sure to appear in season 3 according to the creators.

The White Lotus


I know what you are thinking. Uncle Iro is dead so he wont be joining us. In fact we saw him in season 2 in the spirit world. Seeing Iro in the spirit world really brought me back to the good old days with Zuko and drinking tea with uncle. Now according to the screen shots of season 3.  It looks like the White Lotus are back. They were basically a secret society and they actually help fight against the fire lord when sozins comet painted the world with shapes of red and orange. I never understood the purpose of the White Lotus but in season 3 they will either be the bad guy or helping Korra with some adventure. In Screen shots of season 3 it seems like Korra was firebending with a White Lotus Member. This is going to be awesome because the White Lotus consist of water benders, earth benders and fire benders.

Dragons are back

avatar dragons

Yes the White Lotus seems to be affiliate with dragons in season 3. In the Last Airbender Aang and Zuko found the last dragons in book 3. Everyone thought that the dragons were extinct but the White Lotus knew were they were the entire time. It seems like they are the keepers of many secrets in the Avatar world.

Spirits corrupting people


In season 2 we saw the lore of Wan, the first Avatar or as I like to call him the catalyst of the Avatar world. In the spirit wilds, when ever a spirit entered the body of a human, the human became corrupted and they could possibly die (or so said that annoying spirit that disliked Wang). This could also be happening in season 3 of Korra since the spirits and humans will now be living as one in the planet.

Korra knows energy bending


The first Avatar that learned energy bending thanks to harmonic convergence. Now we first saw energy bending when Aang fought the fire lord and strip the bastard of his fire bending abilities. The lion turtle taught Aang energy bending but in Korra we saw it in action when she fought Unalaq. I am sure that there will be more energy bending in season 3.

Korra must enter the avatar state by her self

So thanks to Unalaq Korra lost connection with all the avatars. Roku, Aang, Avatar Kyoshi, Avatar Wang Chang. All her past lives. She has lost connection. Meaning that she can no longer speak to them in the real world she must go to where they are in the spirit world. But she can still enter the Avatar state without them. Now she probably wont be able to use techniques from previous Avatars because remember in the Avatar state Korra has access to all the bending abilities of her past lives. Hmmmm….Korra can become the perfect Avatar and remember she is the first one to fully learn energy bending.

No more teen romance


Yes! One of the things that I didnt like in season one was the awkward and unnecessary teenage romance. It seems to me like the creators were trying to do a Naruto and Twilight love triangle. I hated it honest and most fans did even the females. So the creators decided that there would be no more teenage romance and just straight up action WOOOOOOOOO!. Thank you Michael Danteh Dimartino, you do something that most franchises just dont do . You listen to your fans…


More Bumi and Beifong


Honestly is a little messed up to say but I didn’t really care about Bumi that much. Aang’s only son that is not a bender. He didn’t really got my attention, not even his comedy. But it seems like Aang was not a very good father. A distant father in fact so there will be more reveal in season 3 about Aangs fatherhood. (Shame on you Aang). Also Beifong who is Tophs daughter. She is a metal bender and since season 3 will be mostly in the earth kingdom, Beifong will play an important part in this season. We will get to know who Beifongs father was. We only got a glimpse of Toph in season 1 when Toph and Aang were 40 years old. I think we will find out how Aang died in season 3. Just a possibilities.

Season 4 confirmed.

So Nickelodeons only show that seems to be dominating their channel and business is Legend of Korra or the Avatar franchise in general. Nickelodeon asked the creators for a season 4 and a season 5 or Korra. The creators agreed to a season 4 but declined season 5. They said that they are exhausted from working on Korra so much that they need to take a vacation. I cant blame them. Thank you so much Michael Danteh Dimartino.

Release date.

Ok so Season 3 of Korra since its demographics is high school kids, Nickelodeon wants to air it during early summer or just before the fall. No exact date has been confirmed but it will be release in 2014 ( by the way New Sailor Moon is being release this summer as well).

2014 just keeps getting better and better.

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Anime And Comic Books Fandomania:Battle Of The Underdogs!

By Jorge Paiz

what we have on the show

Top This v.2
Wild Star Review
Anime Releases for April

plus The Batte of the Underdogs

Scott Pilgrim vs Naruto

Troy ( Arrow) vs Rock Lee (Naruto)

Walter White (Breaking Bad) vs Tsuna (Hitman Reborn)

Nevle Longbottom (Harry Potter) vs Crona ( Soul Eater)

Tyrian ( Game of Thrones) vs Kirito ( Sword art online)

Matsuda ( Death Note) vs Agent Colsen ( Agents of SHIELD)

Usop ( One peice) vs Will Turner ( Pirates of the Caribbean)

Tony Choper ( one peice) vs Owen Harper ( Torchwood)

all this and more plus our Jrock,anime,cartoon music block

see you all later

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ACFRADIO Gets Travolted

By  Jorge Paiz

Join The ACFradio Team as they give the latest anime new, gaming news and entertain you with fun games. This week we introduce a new game inspired by John  Travolta’s botching mistake at the Oscars which launched a new meme. This time ACFRadio gets travolted!


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The Top Ten Cartoons/anime Part 1.

1. Samurai Jack

When I first saw Samurai Jack it was back in 2001 and i was just a child about 11 years old i think and i got sucked into the show. it was like i was there with jack all the stuff he didn’t know and i got all angry when Aku threw him into the future when he was nearly defeated it was so annoying. But i digress Samurai Jack is a great show and It is back on Toonami on at 4 .a.m Saturday. I Most Definitely recommend this show to anyone. if they made a remake and do it right i would say yes yes yes yes yes yes.





2. Rurouni Kenshin

A Samurai who refuses to kill i was into this anime as if it was DBZ(Dragon Ball Z) all over again But Samurai Style. The Story was about a Samurai who was in a war but after all the battling  he wanted to be done and swore to never kill again. When I was a child i enjoyed this anime and me and my brother would always print pictures and put the printed pictures on the wall or binders to make it look cool. But if they ever remade Rurouni Kenshin i would most definitely watch it all over again. Best anime ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




3.Ed, Edd n Eddy

Lets face it if i could i would live in the Ed Edd n Eddy universe this Cartoon was always popular in my opinion. I always whistled to the intro of there song every time and it never gets old if i were to have children i would make them watch this cartoon just because it was a great cartoon on its own it was a shame how it got canceled but then came back to see eddy’s older brother and as he talked about how cool eddy’s older brother was but turned out he was a big jerk to eddy and everyone feared him.

Three young odd-looking boys.


4. Black Butler

Black Butler is a about a Boy Ciel Phantomhive and his Demon Butler Sebastian Michaelis, Lets all be Honest here the manga is still going on but we want a season 3 we need it, they have all the material to make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But the anime/manga they are both good even though somethings were said in the anime that was not in the manga even though personally they should have gone with the book i understand why they did not do it because sometimes the anime is released before the next manga volume. Which is why there are fillers (( to me they are not important and shouldn’t exist but what do i know I’m just some guy writing this article :D )).

Kuroshitsuji Volume 1 cover.jpg

5. Scooby Doo

Now i know what your asking Why Scooby Doo its been so over done and it still goes on. I know my readers i know your pain but I’m talking the old Scooby Doo the one that started it all 1969 Scooby Doo when i saw this Cartoon i was sucked in feeling i was part of the show and half the time i would get who is the Crook before the end of the show. Its not because its like Case Closed where someone is dead this one is kid friendly. The Classic Scooby Doo is better then the new ones and it is the best Mystery Cartoon in the planet from the past.