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Before I talk about Season 4 of one of the funniest cartoon shows on television. The Boondocks is actually considered an anime. WHY! Because it was made by the same studio that made Afro Samurai with Samuel Jackson. According to Aaron Mcgruder who is the creator and founder of the Boondocks he says that the animation company that coordinates the animation of the Boondocks is called Madhouse…Madhouse has done animation work for big anime series such as afro samurai, vampire hunter D. Tri Gun and Death Note (But that is only to name a few.) Their portfolio is large. Also check out our blog post on Is The Boondocks an Anime click here.

boondocks season 4

Season 4

So Yes it has officially been Announced an it looks like it is in the works or at least the creators have one episode done of the Boondocks. As to when it will Air in Cartoon network or MTV again it is unknown yet. Either way one thing is for sure. We are all going to laugh our assess off. Lets face it. Black Comedy is freaking funny. You cannot deny it.

The Boondocks have have nailed and hammered categories such as religion, racism, social media, dating, movies and of course the celebrities. I mean for god sakes when the Boondocks first came out it generated over 2.5 million viewers and people still watch the show on Netflix.

So yes Season 4 has been confirm by the satirist and comedy mad genius Aaron Mcgruder. Riley, Huey and Grandpa is back. Of course we cant forget about Uncle Rokus and Thomas Lancaster DuBois the wimpy, geeky neighbor.


As of right now there is not much to say about the Boondocks season 4. Honestly I rather be surprise about the anime and new jokes they have in store for us. Also it has been said that there will be 20 juicy episodes to make us cry while holding our bellies and tears to shed for all the messed up jokes and lines that our mothers dont wants us to listen to.

Oh Boondocks you make laugh my pants off. May Black comedy forever find its place in the anime world. Thank you Aaron Mcgruder.


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