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I am sure you know what I am talking about. In many genres of anime there are always these archetypes. Every form of media has its cliche. Today I want to share some cliches with you guys. Some you might agree with and some you might not heard of before. I believe these cliches are used so much because of japanese culture along with perverseness. The japanese are one of a kind. The japanese have a unique way of viewing life and their philosophy. Despite these cliches it does not stop us from watching anime. We are forever geeks.

1. The guy with the big sword.


You now what they say about size. Big sword, little wanka. Just kidding. Anyways. Inuyasha, Berserk, Final Fantasy and other fighting or adventure anime(I forgot to mention rave master). What is it with the big sword. They love big swords in japan. I mean is not like the samurai of back in the day forged enormous sword to vanquish their enemies. I love Cloud Striffe from Final Fantasy(which is what got me into anime). Then when I really started watching anime I kept wondering why is it with all these huge blades. Its not like they are useful yes when I watch Berserk with guts wielding that monstrous sword and swinging it like a table knife I absolutely love it.

Do you agree or disagree. I mean sure not every anime has this one character carrying the big raw steel around however

2. The girl who is stronger than a man.

tsunade punch orochimaru

Tsunade from Naruto is so freaking sexy but you will think twice before asking her out on a date. Ever noticed how powerful girls are in anime. Even the main character fear them. Kenshin Himura was afraid of Miss Kanrui. Goku feared his wife Chichi. In Love Hina that samurai girl (sorry I forgot her name) is always beating the shit out of the dude. In Tenchi Muyo all the girls are stronger than him for god sakes. Anime creators seem to have an affinity for powerful woman. I think Japanese men love being dominated.

3. No Parents.


A research in Japan stated that 50% of kids going to high school in japan are parentless and 35% of kids have only one parent. In Japan, if you have a kid. You are signing your own death warrant. That sucks. Why do Japanese parents give their children such a hard time. Naruto, no parents. Goku, no parents. Ichigo from Bleach, his mom is dead and his father is alive. The list goes on. In Japan being alone is a huge deal unlike western culture. That is why the Japanese don’t like to do things alone. Collectivism is their name and for god sakes they are right to live that way. I sure dont want to be alone. I can understand you know.

4. The hungry dude


One of the reasons why I liked Goku so much when I was little is because he ate like I do. When I was little I literally ate 2 plates of food. Where does Goku’s food go. To a black hole. Naruto is not such a big deal , all he eats is ramen. however there always has to be a hungry character in anime that can eat ten bowls of rice. Just look at “L” from Death Note. How does he not get diabetes from eating all that freaking candy. I wish I could eat cake all day.

5. The wimpy guy who is afraid of sex


I swear I was Japanese in my past life and reincarnated to this American dude. Do male Japanese fear sex. Is it like that in Japan. Perhaps is not the fear of sex but the waiting of sex. Like the 40 year old virgin movie(Which you should watch). Especially in Harem anime. Is always the wimpy guy who is surrounded by gorgeous girls and he is afraid of sex. I think the creators of anime tend to reflect a part of who they are.  Not only that but the having sex with a female alien thing in Harem anime is pretty popular. They also make the character go through odd situations in a relationship. Like the Japanese business man who married a high school girl. There is some kinda of fear of getting intimate in anime. I love the way the Japanese show it. Remember Chobits. When the guy was afraid to touch the girl (who was a robot) it is absolutely incredible. Honestly I rather watch harem anime than American soap Opera which are so freaking predictable.


OK guys so that is pretty much what I have to say about anime and cliches. If you know of any other cliches then please leave a comment below this article and share, share, share. Don’t forget to listen to our live radio show every monday from7Pm to 9PM eastern time dudes. Stay geeky.

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