By: Big Andy

tron legacy Olivia Wilde

Tron Legacy was one of those movies that had no idea it was made by Disney. When I watched I didn’t think Disney fund it. Heck Disney is trying to put their hands on everything now. Star Wars, Marvel, Square Enix and some other organizations that will not be mentioned in this article.

So there has been rumors going around that the Tron franchise will continue as a trilogy. The director has confirmed that he is already writing the script for the next movie. If the first movie did well enough then chances are that there will be a second one. Plus the Tron world has reached kingdom hearts so it has young fans as well as older demographics.

The tron legacy movie was great. I gave it a 8.5 out of 10. Seriously I cant complain. I dont why some people say that it sucks. It was scifi to its maximum.

Apparently actress Olivia Wilde has already agreed to be in the second movie. Also lets not forget that Daft Punk also produced the music for Tron Legacy so I am sure that Daft Punk fans would like another Tron movie. So as you can see the Tron movie is bound to do well with all these other connections that it has. So expect a tron legacy sequel everybody by the end of 2013 or mid 2014.

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