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Two series that made anime popular in USA and heck I dare say the west part of the world in general. We all grew up with Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z. Even the new generation knows about these two anime series. You can’t be an anime fan without know Sailor moon or DBZ. They are so popular that I can’t blame Toei Animation for making a new series.

For Dragon Ball Z it seems that after the battle of the gods movies, the hype for Dragon Ball Z has gone up again. Heck DBZ always had hype. If there were any new movies coming out, people would still stream the old episodes here and there.  Let’s not forget the video games as well. We all know the DBZ story and we keep playing it over and over and it never gets tiring.

Besides the Battle of the Gods movie, DBZ has not had any installments ever since the GT series which was so many years ago.  The GT series were not that great anyways, it got so many bad reviews from the fans as well. You are probably wondering “Hey Big Andy where hell do you get your information from?” The truth is unless you have assess to Japanese companies you only have the vast internet as your source. However when there is a buzz you can be sure that the facts are 70% true.  Check out the Dao of Dragon Ball for the source.

DBZ Battle of Gods

Dragon Ball Z Hoshi.

Akira Toriyama has definitely confirm that yes there will be a new dragon ball z series. You really cant get much information from the creators until they actually  post a trailer or write an article about their release. It is said that the new series will have the super saiyan 4 and a super saiyan 5. Apparently there will be new additions to the team. Some new saiyans are coming and new villains.

I had some confusion with this series. Looking at the images, it is said that it was first a pinball game in japan. Perhaps a promotional tool. Many fans got confused and thought that it was a new dragon ball z series. But now news is that this new series will have the character appearing in that dragon ball z pinball game. Pinball games happen to be popular in japan by the way. It was called dragon ball z heroes an arcade game. Keep in mind that this is still a rumor. However that game could be part of this new dragon ball z series.

Like I said. Animation companies want to leave you guessing. They don’t want the fans to know when the series is coming out until at least the first three episodes are made. The is just how they are and how it should be. The rumors keep the fandom going and heck I mean Dragon Ball GT was inspire by the fans themselves. So hey, the creators of dragon ball Z listen to their fans. In the end I think they will give us what we want dudes.

Sailor Moon New Series 2013.

sailor moon 2013 new series

Dragon Ball Z has had all kinds of sub entertainment stuff such as video games, toys and all kinds of fandom items. Heck even Kentucky fried chicken of japan has endorsed DBZ (they showed Goku eating chicken).

However Sailor Moon franchise has not had much action. Sailor Moon is more popular with cosplay then it is with the merchandise and the series. The girls love to dress up in those little mini skirts. (Love it). However it is about time the sailor scouts come back and fight crime baby. (cant wait to see those mini skirts again.)

A release date has been confirmed (unlike Dragon Ball Z)  for the new Sailor Moon Series. It is due in Japan for the summer of 2013. As far as North America. We are going to have to wait two years before it is translated to English my friends. That is the bad news.

The plot for the new series has not been released yet but it is in the working. And just in case you think I am bull shiting. the Anime News Network has posted it on their website as well. The Anime News Network is a Japanese company that works directly with animation companies in Japan.

So which one of these two series are you excited to see. We will be talking about this on our anime radio show so go to our listen live page dudes and lets have fun and get the chance to win prizes dudes.


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