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We wanted to share the list of character from dissidia as well as a description for each. The complex worlds of final fantasy come together in dissidia. Just when you thought the story was over another one rises. This time with a twist. Those who you thought were good are actually on the dark side interestedly enough.
Chaos and cosmos have an interesting relationship. Not only that but how each character interacts with each other knowing that they are from other worlds makes it much more of a bang.

In this list are the returning characters as well as new characters From both the warriors of cosmos and chaos.

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Warriors of Cosmos

Warrior of light  from Final Fantasy 1 is returning to the roster and ready for battle. In the original game you can change his career however int he game they decided to keep his original name the warrior of light. He seems to be the protagonist somewhat in the story.

Firion is a master of weapons in the original game of Final Fantasy 2 as well as in Dissidia

Onion Knight is much like the warrior of light. The onion knight was actually a job in Final Fantasy 3. That is why he does not have an original name. In Dissidia Square Enix decided to just keep his first occupation.

Cecil Harvey Is the only character that can change his profession from dark knight to paladin.

Kain Highwind (new character) He is Cecil’s childhood friend who ends up betraying him and then returns back to the team.

Bartz Klauser is from Final Fantasy 5 the only one who can mimic and combine powers from other characters in dissidia

Terra Branford of Final Fantasy 6. She was actually one of the first female protagonist in a final fantasy game.

Tifa Lockhart joins the warriors of cosmos in Dissidia. I am not sure what her storyline is but I am pretty sure it has to do with getting Cloud back to the light.

Aerith Gainsborough joins the warriors of light to save Cloud from the darkness or at least I think.

Squall Leonheart of Final Fantasy 8 is another famous protagonist. His serious gloomy personally and amazing powers won the heart of many anime fans. His enigma makes that much more of an interest character.

Laguna Loire in Final Fantasy 8 his story line was connected with Squalls oddly enough and he is now ready to fight for cosmos.

Zidane Tribal protagonist of Final Fantasy 9. A thief, a womanizer and skilled with daggers. He kidnaps the princess in FF9 and now he is using his thief skills on Cosmos side once more.

Yuna the summoner of Final Fantasy 10. Too bad her lover is on the side of Chaos. Perhaps she has join Cosmos to win Tidus heart.

Shantotto of Final Fantasy 11 which was an MMO. He will once again be on Cosmos side.

Vaan for those who liked Final Fantasy 12. He also made an appearance in Final Fantasy tactics Grimoire of the Rift.

Lightning of Final Fantasy 13. Not so girly, ass kicking female of the hit FF13 game. She seems to be taking a main role in the Dissidia storyline. All her moves from her original game will be in this game.

Warriors of Chaos

Garland  From final fantasy 1 as well. The final boss in the original game.

The emperor is the antagonist of Final Fantasy 2

Cloud of Darkness.

Golbez Is a villian from final fantasy 4 I wont say much about this one. Play the game and find out.

Exdeath they say that he is a manifestation of evil in Final Fantasy 5 and the final boss.

Gilgamesh is the right hand of Exdeath in final Fantasy 5

Kefka Palazzo is the final boss of Final Fantasy 6 and apparently was a famous villain for he fans back when the game first came out much like sephiroth was to fans of FF7

Cloud Striffe. Do I need say anything about Cloud. From the most popular of the Final Fantasy games. Cloud debut in FF7 of 1997. His Chocobo hair won the hearts of many fan girls and his ability to wield that huge buster inspire many young boys as well. Cloud returns and this time he is on the side of Chaos for Dissidia

 Sephiroth I don’t need to say much about everyone favorite villain. Since FF7 Sephiroth has been the most notorious villain of them all. Not even Seymour of Final Fantasy 10 can match his evil.

Ultimecia she is the sexiest villain I have ever seen. She is from Final Fantasy 8 and is very manipulative. Squall seems to fall for her spell every time.

Kuja of Fina Fantasy 9. I don’t know if he is a girl or boy but either way he is very similar to Seymour of Final Fantasy 10. Feminine and powerful. Enemy of Zidane

 Jetch of Final Fantasy 10. I am not sure if he will be playable in Dissidia but he is a strong melee character and does not seem to be on any ones side.

Gabranth  of Final Fantasy 12. A judge master in the world of FF 12.


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