Final fantasy 10 (X) was one of the first playstation 2 games to feature voice. Every character was given a voice. Square Enix did one hell of a job creating this game and it was one of their best games ever next to final fantasy 7. The battle system in final fantasy 10(X) was unique and brought about a new element to the RPG world where summons known as aeon in the game would stay in battle until you either dismiss them or they faint. A game that will never die and is no wonder Square enix wants to bring back the game.


Rumors about Square Enix.

It is said that due to their undying popularity square enix will be remaking or at least remastering the old famous final fantasy games like final fantasy 8 (VIII) Final fantasy 7(VII), Final fantasy 9 (IX) and some others that I will not mentioned. Square enix knows how popular these games are and want to keep them alive. The final fantasy characters have been kept alive through RPG gaming history. You can see prove of  this if you play kingdom hearts. In Kingdom hearts CLoud Striffe, Squall, Yufi, Tifa and Arieth all make their appearance even sephiroth as well as Vivi from final fantasy 9. it is a franchise that will never die. Final fantasy characters have also made their way to the playstation all stars games. So as you can see not only will these games be remaster but  the character  of the game are still gaining popularity my friends.

Why did Square Enix choose Final fantasy X (10) to be remastered in HD

That is an easy question to answer if you have played the game and if you played the older final fantasy games.  You have to understand how technology has evolved. Final fantasy 10 was made for the PS2 and the playstation portable or vita has nearly the same graphics. So it is easy to transfer the game to there rather than remaking the whole thing. So it is less work for square enix and the game is just as popular as 7 dont you think. I am just as eager to see a remake of final fantasy 7 but that will take a long time to make. No doubt that square enix is working on it. Most likely it will be release for the playstation 3 and if time comes for the new console release it will also be release for the PS4.

Final Fantasy 10 maccalania forest

Changes to the remaster Final Fantasy 10 (X)

The menu will have a new look to it as well as the sphere grid leveling up system. the graphics will be enhance meaning that you will be able to see more details in the characters. the battle system will remain the same of course. Final fantasy 10 has my favorite battle system I really hope they dont change it. They might make it for the playstation 3 who knows but most likely for the ps vita.

Release date

There has been no official release date for the ff 10 (X) HD remastered version however according to IGN and other gaming news sites. It should be release late 2013 or early 2014. Damn I am getting old

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