Big Andy

For those of you who did not grow in the 1980′s or so. Let me explain what gatchaman is. You might think it sounds like a pokemon or a digimon but gatchaman is actually an old anime from 1970′s to 1990. They stopped playing about a decade ago. It was in cartoon network around the same time johnny quest was on.

Big Andy you old fart where you really that young when you first watched this anime. Umm no but when an anime is big, television people tend to play it again and again on national television. I dont remember the full story but since I was nine I remember this anime. I can still remember them jumping off a plane to save the world or what not.

Now they finally made a gatchaman live action film. WHo would have thought. It seems that all hotshot anime will eventually become live action movies.

gatchaman live action movie

What is Gatchaman and should I watch the anime before watching the live action movie.?

Gatchaman was made by tatsunoko. productions. The science ninja team Gatchaman.Is basically a super hero anime. Japan is not big on super heroes( except tiger and bunny). So the way the story goes for Gatchaman is this five member superhero team is fighting this bad guy called Galacto who is trying to take advantage of the earths resources and contaminating them.

I dont want to give too much away but yeah they fight martial arts, Jump off planes which is mad freaking cool and used weapons that will remain unknown.

It is easy to tell the inspiration of the power rangers from Gatchaman right. The japanese like to form teams and such.

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