By Jorge Paiz

Robots have been one of making’s most greatest ideas that ever came from there Imagination. One can come up with many multiple purposes for robots.  Specially Giant Robots from anime known as mecha anime like Big O, Gundam, Code Geass, Zoids, and Voltron. How ever giant robots aren’t the only ones that are trending in the world of anime as well as ours.

This is defensibly proof  of Eisenstein theory that Imagination is more important thank knowledge because he said that Immigration encircles the earth. With the small bridge that we have between building a life size Gundam that we could alternately use for contrution or helping the environmental or even to start a war between a nation it will all come down to the use of what humanity decides to do but would be really cool to see two life size Gundams fight.



Cyborgs other wise known as androids that are half human half machine have also broken ground. With the fusion of AI (artificial Intelligence) with biological engineering fused with mechanical animatronic  enhancements.  such examples are displayed in such anime like Ghost in the shell, Full Metal Alchemist, Astro Boy, and DragonBallZ. Each with its own unique style of cyborg android. Whats scary is the fact that in our world humanity has the technology, knowledge, skill and capability to create such sci-fi. Too make it even more frighting that it is 99.9% possible that this science fiction may very well indeeed become science fac or more like scienctific reality. What do you think?

Heres a little video about robot, cyborgs, androids from Toonami


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