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Before anime, Walt Disney was my inspiration to start drawing. To put line on paper and be creative. However anime was what made me love art. There is a difference between liking something and loving something. Even if you dont do it professionally, you know that you are some how moved when you are drawing anime. There is something about the style that makes you want to draw.

One of the first things I ever learned to draw well was how to draw anime eyes. Now while that question is very general. There are many different ways to approach it. You see although many anime styles are very similar, there is an element that must be followed. It has to do with the very soul of the character.

Let me explain what I mean.

Different types of anime eyes.

There are emotions that you must keep in mind when drawing an anime characters as well as age difference. Example: Lets say you want to draw a character like Chihiro from Spirited Away. A child’s eyes will be bigger. Children’s heads are always bigger and so is their eyes.  Their eyes are usually bigger because they are still learning about the world. A much older character in anime would have smaller eyes to show maturity. Does that make sense. Here is an example.

how to draw anime eyes

There is shine in the eyes from the sun light and small eye brows. These are childrens eyes. The japanese first began to do this when Walt Disney released his first animated films. Since the movies were mainly for children, big googilie eyes symbolize innocence. So the Japanese learned from Walt Disney films and implemented this to their animation characters. Just look at Astro boy(which was the first japanese animated films).

So even thought you are trying to draw a young character, yes his or her eyes will show innocence however they must also have their own individual personality.  Example: Look at the image below.


Besides the fact that those are female eyes they show a personality trait through the eyes. A bit timid perhaps. As the saying goes “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” I love that phrase. Here is another one.


All of the eyes above follow the directions in which I have been trying to teach you. You can tell that the characters who own these eyes are all young but they are all unique. They show a certain personality. A certain trait to them. Get it.

Now the older your character is the smaller the eyes. The eyes of an adult can be small but keep in mind that the thinner the eyes the more they have to hide.  Example:

how to draw anime adult eyes

The eyes above are very seductive and looking at that eye lashes I can tell it is a female character. the eyes are small and you can tell that the character perhaps is somewhat secretive or is very powerful. Just look at Frieza from Dragon Ball Z. His eyes are small in his final form when he fights Goku in planet namek. Goku’s eyes are usually big because it shows how child like he is. Vegeta on the other hand, his eyes are much narrow because he is more serious and seeks power.

There is another aspect on how to draw anime eyes.

Some people say that all anime look alike. I disagree. All anime have some similar to each other because in Japan all manga students learn from teachers who learn from the pioneers of manga. Which is why the styles end up looking similar however Japanese artist are very creative. They add their style to the lines of their manga much like Masashi Kishimoto does with his Naruto manga. Avatar The Last Airbender can be a good example. The only reason why is not considered manga is because it is American made. However Avatar’s style of drawing is inspire by anime yet it stands out artistically that is(as well as story line).

I hope I have taught you guys something. I am not much of a teacher but Mark Crilley the Author of Miki Falls and Brody’s Ghost can teach you better than I can how to draw anime eyes. He is an experienced manga artists.

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