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It seems back in 2008 the anime industry reach its first near 5 billion dollars. Everything was going great and more and more anime conventions were being made throughout the country. There are anime conventions happening through out there year here in the united states as well as Europe and asia. It seems as of 2008 the anime industry was going to be more than prosperous as most industry usually do.

However now as of 2013 (the year this post is written) As the economic goes down and people losing their jobs, it is sometimes difficult to spend money on your hobbies. Its not the love of anime that dies but the money in our pocket that helps us enjoy this geeky wonderful lifestyle.


According no forbes, no industry is a big industry unless it revenues altogether more than 10 billion dollars a year, whether if its world wide or right here in the united states where Anime and Comics Fandomania is hosted. Since many people are losing their jobs due to the economy and many corporations outsourcing jobs overseas, Anime fans are not spending much money on merchandise, t-shirts, cosplay costumes (Many people are making them by hand now). However that does not stop them from going to conventions. We always find the money to go to conventions.

What Will the Japanese do?

Anime comes from japan so I am wondering what the Japanese are doing and if Japanese are aware of this. Even the Japanese economy is going to through tough times. it is hard to live in japan if you don’t make around $40,000 year salary. The big hit Animes like Naruto, Dragon ball z, One piece, Sailor moon, Blue exorcist and all those top Animes don’t have to worry about much but the smaller anime studio’s and manga artist due struggle.

Many anime geeks and otaku’s wont give a new manga or anime a try unless they can try it for free. And now with the use of the internet many anime fans are watching anime for free rather than spending money on box sets and merchandise.

I don’t think that the anime industry will die. As long as there are fans out there this beautiful upbeat industry will not die at least not in Asia. People will always love to watch anime and cartoons. A bad economy does not stop any manga artist or anime studio from trying to make it big and surely does not stop an anime fan from having fun with his or her friends.

I think the Japanese will think of a plan to increase revenue for their company and fans as well as help this wonderful industry grow bigger and bigger to a least 15 billion a year. Below is what I believe is the solution for the anime industry to rise above.

How the Japanese anime studios and manga artist can increase their revenue and increase the anime industry?

One problem that many anime studios have with getting more fans for their anime or manga is understand the fans in japan as well as over seas. You see anime comes from japan so it is mainly for Japanese kids and teens. A Japanese manga artist does not understand what makes a Russian kid laugh or be entertained. A Japanese manga artist does not know truly what an American kid want as far as entertainment or kids from Europe because every country is different. So the problem is creating an anime that fits into everyone’s culture. We all know how hard that can be however it does not mean its impossible. They are so busy practicing their art skills and plotting their story that they don’t have time to do market research. That is the problem. That is why most anime is based on Japanese culture.

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Second problem is selling their anime or manga. We all know that if your show does not have a good enough fan base it wont stay alive. Artist have to eat and pay their bills. So what is their solution. Well once a manga or anime is done. The next step is to sell that shit! and make money so that your anime creation team can keep making more anime episodes or manga.  To sell your anime or manga you need good marketing. Again. Many of these artist and studios don’t have the time to market their products or the funds.

So then what is the solution to this second problem. I will tell you what it is and amazon and apple inc have sold the problem. The key is (drum roll please) ebooks. yeah you heard me ebooks or in this case I should say Emanga ( I just made that up). I am surprise not many manga artist have not turned to the digital platforms of publishing. Here is why publishing a manga in ebook platform would work wonders.

Ebook sales have been sky rocketing since the year 2000 and amazon is making billions of dollars from .99 cent ebooks ( you read that correctly and yes big Andy has tried this himself I sell ebooks online so yeah) So many people have a digital tablet now a days is not even funny. Millions of people world wide have a digital tablet where they read newspaper, ebooks, magazines and surf the internet. For some reason japan has not gotten into this new media of technology. There is profit to be made with ebooks.

It does not take paper to publish an ebook so anime studio would save a shit load of money and they can price their manga for low prices and still profit like crazy (trust me just look at the statistics). Ebooks are delivered electronically and rapidly that is why they are so convenient.

It seems like anime studio and manga artist are not willing to try this when it actually works so well.

How the gaming industry can save anime?

There is a fine relationships between movies, video games and anime and manga. Now a days many video games are being translated into movies. it began with books being translated into films. Resident evil was a video game first then was translated into a film. Tomb raider as well.

Stan Lee the CEO and founder of marvel is getting into the anime business. His X men series has become an anime and you can watch it on amazon video streaming.

I believe that the video game industry can help anime become even more popular because, according to Forbes they have analyzed that the video gaming industry will reach 82 billions dollars (nearly 100 billion ) by the year 2017.  I think making games in anime style can really help raise popularity in the anime industry with all these kids and fans cosplaying and buying merchandise definitely. Also more anime based video games in America as well as other countries where anime is popular. If an anime is popular then make a video game out of it….WHY! because video games are on the rise and have always been. Especially games for the digital tablet.

Now those are just plain ideas however I think if anime companies get more involve with gaming, they would definitely make more money. Just look at the numbers.

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Will the anime industry die

HELL NO! maybe American cartoons but sure as hell not anime. American cartoons did not gain as much popularity out side of the country as anime did. ( the funny thing is that we started the business). The first American anime style show that made big was Avatar the Last Airbender. The looney toons came and died and even Disney cartoons are really not that great anymore.

Anime is here to stay because is more popular, more fun, just better in general and for god sakes there are conventions for anime world wide. Ever been to a looney tunes convention…..I am going to guess maybe “no”….I thought so.

Some way or some how the anime industry will increase and grow and the fun will never end my friends.

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