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I know what you are thinking and the answer is no. I am not racist but simply wanted to show my admiration for black characters in anime. Lets face it. I am going to be blunt because I only know how to be blunt. (you would know if you listen to our radio show.) Anime is dominated by asians that is just the way it is. Now I dont mean to be rude or offensive to anyone out there. Anime lovers love japanese culture.

Now the question on this post is …Is the Boondocks an anime? The love of black characters. Again the Boondocks is inspired by japanese anime because today it has become the most popular cartoons in the world. Forget Disney’s mickey mouse. Anime is here to stay and have been rising to the top since 1970.

Yes the boondocks is an anime. The fact that the style of drawing and animation is so similar to the japanese style automaticly makes it anime. The eyes, the facial expression. All done with an additional recipe of african american humor. Anime is even winning the hearts of  african americans and people of color alike. I guess no one can resist those big googly eyes.

Like avatar the last airbender, the boondocks is an american anime. The same way that the japanese get inspire by american action films. Besides the racist jokes in Boondocks, we know that it is meant to make us laugh and no one really takes it seriously. The cursing, the violence and the messed up jokes, we love it to the max. It is the best.

Anime companies have explore many fields and cultures with their imagination. There is hispanic culture inspired anime like “El cazador de brujas” there is french anime like El chavelier de on.”

Avatar the last airbender was inspire by asian culture made in the USA. I think the Boondocks has taught us to laugh at our own culture. I believe in uniting people and our differences. Yes there are things that make us tick according to our culture. Someone might make you angry for saying something about your culture.

Only in anime can we laugh together at our differences and enjoy our selves. That is why I love the Boondocks.

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