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Hello there, this is Big Andy bringing you our experience at Katsucon. What makes a convention absolutely outstanding is that it is usually set in a hotel which makes it a beautiful hang out place for anime fans and geeks alike. Katsucon in Gaylord National Hotel in the state of Maryland is a beautiful place by the nice view of the shore (whether if you are looking at it from the third floor or by the dock). My favorite part was the indoor yard where all the cosplayers gathered to take photographs. The fountain and the mini town had an islander paradise feel too it which made it easy to talk to people. Then again the anime community is friendly in general. Cosplay is really about beauty, art and fandom. Check out the katsucon photos click here

The Gaylord National Hotel was like a labyrinth. As me and Jorge Paiz (radio show host) where looking for he sound bee panel we struggled for quite a bit. What confused me somewhat was that there where non anime related events happening at the same time in the same building which I thought was odd. I would think that katsucon organization reserved the entire hotel for the convention.

The gaming section was spacious but not many games. However there were japanese arcade anime games. Yes I said japanese arcade anime games. I saw some kid playing an evangelion pin ball machine with the angels fighting in the background. There were also old school games at the convention center, nintendo 64′s and sega genesis available for free play.

The national cosplay competition that also takes place in Los Angeles was brought to Katsucon this year. Not sure if is there every year. Also there was a rave party that took place at 1AM yes anime ravers stay up until one in the freaking morning to party with glow sticks how cool is that shit. Connecticons rave party started at 9PM and ended at 2AM. The rave parties are the most adult events of a convention however there is no alcohol allow. By the way the drummer of ” The Sound Bee HD” was there at the rave and fans got to party with him.

The Sound Bee HD

The sound bee hd katsucon

The picture you see above is Big Andy (co host of ACFRADIO.COM) in the center with the band members of the sound bee HD. How cool is that . Honestly I never heard of the band until a week before katsucon 19 however when I saw them live they kicked ass. Their music was outstanding(if you are into hard rock which most anime fans are). They were so lay back and cool it was like hanging out and talking to your regular friends. It is always a fun experience to meet the band members. It is always good to catch a band before they become huge.

The sound bee HD music reminds of a mixture of Marilyn Manson mixed with Breaking Benjamin. I don’t know any Japanese but there lyrical patterns are interesting almost like a protesting punk rock band.

At the convention I was not allow to record the band with my camera or use my flash of my camera. The reason is that bands and music publishers are just trying to avoid people from downloading their stuff illegally. I respect that 100%. You guys can check out the interview of The Sound Bee HD at our youtube channel.

However I am allow to post these pictures up on our blog. We are promoting them for free anyways.

I would also like to say that it is thanks to Tainted Reality go and check out there website

The sound bee lead singer

Katsucon was an outstanding experience. The Anime and Comics Fandomania team traveled on car from Connecticut to Maryland(5 hour drive) to go to this geek paradise.

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Stay geeky my friends and rock the fuck on.

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