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Remember the cute witch riding on her broom stick. It seems like yesterday but the movie actually came out in the 80′s. Kiki’s delivery service is such a wonderful tale and family film. I didn’t watch the film until early 2000′s. It did not gain much popularity until Princess Mononoke came out. After Mononoke, everyone wanted to know more about Hayao Miyasaki. Then Spirited away came out and won the hearts of fans of all ages. Remember that dudes. Hayao delivers animated films that will make you cry and want to know what is like to love again.


Kiki’s delivery service was one of those films by Studio Ghibli that remained legendary. Everyone love’s witches, even people who are into strict religions. Back in the 1980′s and 90′s movies about witches became popular. Movies such as Casper and Wendy or the Craft. Then in 2000 a book was released that change the way people thought about witches and wizards (Harry Potter).

Kiki is a lovely witch with a black cat( every witch needs one) who goes away to start a delivery service business in a town. The story is simple but I love it. Kiki then starts to lose her powers which becomes the climax of the movie.

Knowing that this film is to become a live action excites me (some anime fans prefer if it does not). I think out of all the studio Ghiblid movies, Kiki’s delivery service is a good choice for a live action movie. Why do I say that? Well imagine Spirited Away becoming a live action movie. I would not want that. If it were to happen for Spirited Away then a good director with a high budget would have to direct that movie and the actors would have to be Japanese and use a lot of CG.

Kiki’s delivery service is simple and fun at the same time. Other similar movies and series of the same genre have pulled this off. Such as Sabrina the teenage witch. Kiki flying on her broom will be classical. After all, that is what the classical witches used to do anyways. Before witches went to school in the early 2000 (Harry Potter) then flew on broom sticks. They had green ugly faces, hags who made potions in cauldrons. Kiki never did any of that. She turned out to be a bit of a super hero witch for lack of a better word. The only power she had was flight and of course the traditional potion making. She could also animated things apparently.

Ever notice something about Miyasaki movies. There is always flight. It is very spiritual. Hayao Miyasaki loves planes, he loves flight like a spirit, not a hawk of mighty wings but  a gentle creature of the sky. Haku turned into a dragon in Spirited away and flew. There was no flight in princess Mononoke neither in Ponyo. Howls moving castle was a love story and Howl himself turned into a creature of mighty wings.

Anyways enough chit chat.

Kiki’s delivery service like action movie release date

Fuka Koshida

It was reported in early April of 2013 that Takashi Shimizu director of Jun-Oh horror film is on board for the live action adaption of Kiki’s delivery service. Kiki’s delivery service was actually a novel series written by Eiko Kadono. The anime(or animated film) of Kiki delivery service was first release by studio Ghibli is 1989(when Big Andy was born). The Japanese release date will be Spring 2014.

Kiki the 13 year  old protagonist will be played by 16 year old Fuka Koshida. She was chosen out of 500 candidates.

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