Kingdom Hearts 3 – Check out these 4 expected new abilities and skills for Sora

Ok so we know you are excited for Kingdom Hearts new release. Most importantly you are anticipating the new worlds and characters that will be appearing in KH3 right. As a Kingdom Hearts fan there are a couple of things that I wish they change about the game itself that will make more interesting. The past game have been nothing but fillers and repetition.  Kingdom Hearts 3 is still in development. What you saw in the trailer it is subject to change and Square Enix is still listening to their fans. Oh yeah.

Before I go on the possible skills in KH3 that Sora will have I just want to say that I wish Tetsuya Nomura would change Sora’s clothes. Yeah how about new magical clothes bro. Seriously. Give Sora some new clothes. The guy grows up every year withing the game so why not change his look. We get tire of seeing the same thing every game. Nomura has a lot of fashion design skills.

Ok so here we go.


sora magic guns

Of course if you saw the trailer you must have noticed it. Sora will have guns now. Every game and its mother its giving guns to their character. This is really cool in my opinion. Not only will we get new keyblades but it will be fun to have Sora use guns. Although Kingdom Hearts may seem like the type of game where guns just aren’t cool, I am sure the creators will make it blend in. Remember the Mage Gun job in Final Fantasy 10 part 2. It will probably be something like that. Damn I cant wait.


Free Running!

Sora KH3 running

Ever since Prince of Persia, every gaming company and their grandmother is trying to add a free running and parkour feature to their game. Dont get me wrong, I love parkour. The problem is that many games are starting to look the same. However with that little glimpse of free running we got in the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer I get the feeling that it will be different than other games that apply free running and parkour. Kingdom Hearts is known to be the only game of its kind since its been release in 2002. I cant wait to see Sora jumping off buildings and fighting heartless.


Vehicle summoning.


I guess this is the only thing I am not so hyper about in KH3. The vehicle summoning doesnt seem so pulling for me. In the trailer Sora is fighting the rock titan in Hercules world. Sora and his friends circled the titan with a train that ran on magical tracks. I guess that was pretty cool. But honestly I wanted to see actual summonings like the Genie or Wall-E. Lets wait and see what Square Enix does.



Remember in Birth by Sleep how Terra, Aqua and Ventus all had this really cool armor. I believe Sora might be getting something like that. The armor allows the user to travel through space to other worlds. I think only keyblade masters can use it. This could be part of Soras new magical clothing. It would be sexy to see Sora in all armor.

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