Sword art online took the anime world by surprise. The game was successful enough to be able to become an anime. If this keeps going soon enough we will see a live action movie of it. It is your typical RPG game however with a twist that motivates the characters and the fans to continue watching the show.

Kirito of sword art online is one of those lone swordsman characters. It is typical in many anime but I believe its all part of the japanese lone wolf and cub arch type. Much like Guts from berserk and ruroni kenshin as well as other lone traveling swordsman. What is it about lone swordsman in an anime that draws people in. The strongest characters in anime are literally the strongest. Just look at naruto, he is always alone but he always comes out winning.

They are silent and tenacious and many of them always go into a trance when in a pinch and destroy their enemy. What I like about sword art online is that it makes you feel as though you really are in a RPG game. The HP gauge over their heads, the menu’s that show up and being able to change items right from your menu. It makes want to be in an RPG world doesnt it.

What would you do if you know you could die in an RPG game.

In the anime Kirito was fortunate enough to be a beta tester. That is why he is in such a high level. So if you were told that if you die in the game you will also die in the real world. What would you do. Do you think you would survive? Would you find a guild and move through the game or would you go on your own.

The main character Kirito shows a good example of how one must go at it alone sometimes to seriously level up. For example when you are playing an RPG game you are playing it by your self and no one else. You battle and battle till you level up. Kirito was a beta tester which is why he is so powerful and he was alone most of the time which is why he was in such a high level. They call him the black swords man. If you play many RPG games you know what I am talking about. Especially FInal fantasy games and yet it is good to have a team. Just make sure you make space for you.

Animes that is similar to sword art online

Gantz if you watch gantz it pretty much makes sense as to why it is very similar to sword art online. I would say that in sword art online the gamers only have to worry about death when their HP drops to zero however in Gantz they have to worry about death at all times. If they step out of the battle ground their heads blow up and they could die by the monster in that game. Not only that but the pain is real and it is not restore until the Gantz game is over.

.Hack/ sign  I mean if you watch . hack/ sign you can tell the similarities right away. Both anime are in a virtual video game world. In. hack/sign the main character can not log out of the game. In sword art online, Kirito can not log out either but if he dies in the game he dies for real. . hack/ sign was one heck of a good anime for 2003 the art style was incredible and the animation was intense as well. The art of the world was just a astonishing. The only complain I have about .hack/sign is that is fucking boring. Yeah sure the animation is great and the world is beautiful but I feel like is too much of a slow anime with such a great theme to the story. I think is the main character. However in sword art online the fans are kept at the tip of their seats and lean over to the screen every time they discover more about Kirito.


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