By Jenny Rota & Jorge Paiz

Jorge Paiz Larp Noob:

This past weekend I Jorge Paiz, went to my first ever LARP, (Live Action Role Play)  the larp I attended was  called Knight Blades. In Knight Blades new players  pick what kind of character they want to by choosing a race a and class. Such races and classes include Dwarfs, Orcs, High elves, Silver elves,and Humans. There are also many classes such as Clerics, Mages, Warriors, and Rogues. In  Knight Blades you can make your own unique character such as a High elf Rogue, Orc Warrior, Human Mage. etc.  As well as your own unique name. now creating  your own character is a  tip of the Ice berg. What comes next is what helps you get through the game and that’s combat!

In a larp combat one usually has many ways to enter in well armed. One thing that most larp players use is a boffer sword, which a is foam sword used for larping. You also can use latex weapons as long as they are well padded and have two inches of foam at the tip for thrusting. Also if you are a spell and magic user you use things called spell packets or spell components in game that are made of 7 by 7 inch square fabric and  a table spoon bird seed. What you do with with these packets is say the incantation depending on your class and throw them at your enemy. Some spells cause damage some stall and hinder your enemies.

What I really enjoyed  about Knight Blades was entering the town of Stormhammer. The town of of Stormhammer is like entering a whole new world with many different unique characters as if you were in an actual MMORPG  Stormhammer resides on the boarders of the Kingdom of Boronia which is ruled by the Good King Henry XXI. The town has many guilds and company’s in which players can be a part of to gain professions to earn gold, magic abilities and Items. When your in Stormhammer you are no longer in a world where cell phone, internet and laptops exist, you are in a realm were you are literally back in time and you must role play as if you are in that time period. Your going off on quests, fighting monsters, trolls, ogres, goblins, giants, and even dragons. You get given assignments by leaders of company’s you join as well as the mayor and  the king him self. This being my first Larp  as my character Kazarneth was quiet thrilling I enjoyed being a high elf earth mage and combating many enemies. i also enjoyed the experience of being part of  the mage guild and the company known as  “The Company of  The Silver Dragons” I enjoyed protecting both king and country with them in the game. Also a bit of advice  if your a noob going into knight Blades or any sort of larp a bit of advice drink a lot of water between battles and stay alive.

Jenny Rota Larp Veteran;

I Jenny Rota also attended Knight Blades this weekend. i have been playing knightblades for just over a year now. I play as a Silver Elf fire mage. I was the one who dragged Jorge here into larping. “The Company of the Silver Dragons” is a very nice group of players who helped me out when i was a noob to larping. and now I am currently an officer in the guild. this means I can tell Jorge what to do. and also provide some guidance on combat. 

There are a few things that you should really know before you enter any larp as a player. One of the most important things is the monsters that we all fight are also human beings behind all their masks, makeup and other costuming. You don’t want to hit them hard enough with your sword to the point where it causes actual pain to the NPC. It is very important that you respect the NPCs just like you respect the other players in game. you could potentially cause enough pain to the monster that they would not be allowed to role play as other monsters to kill. Besides, the more monsters to kill the more fun your larping experience will be. Another thing you should be aware of is the set of rules that both the players and npcs fallow. there are certain lists of abilities that everyone should know what they do. for example, in Knight Blades there is a skill called “Waylay” that a lot of the players have. When used properly, the ability knocks the target unconscious for five minutes. Also know that every larp has its own set of rules and regulations in regards to armor, weapons and the play style of the game. it is very important that you familiarize yourself with the rules before you enter the game.  One last tip I offer is know what your character can do ability wise before you enter the game. if you are a spell caster such as a mage or cleric, know your spell incants. These are short lines that you say to tell people around you what you are casting, and how much damage the target will take if you hit them with the spell packet. It is crucial that you say the incant right. If you do not you waste the mana even though the spell was not successfully cast. if you are a fighter class it is just as important to know what your character does and now much health you have when you start off.

This past Knight Blades event many exciting things have happened. one of the most eventful things that happened was we finally sealed  all the 7 deadly sins back into their realms where they will remain forever. Also a fallen dark god known as the Ravenger is trying to take power once more. He is currently trying to take the place of another god, putting the grey god Sepsis out of power.  In the land of Baronia there are many gods that are worshiped. you can worship gods of the light, dark, or grey which are the neutral gods.  there are a lot of mixed feeling with the Ravenger coming to power which is causing tension within the people of Stormhammer. A little advice for new players, keep which god you worship to yourself. Only tell those you trust which deity you fallow if you wish to.

For the next event I am expecting most of our combat to be against followers of the Ravenger, and possibly the Ravenger himself. I also expect followers of Sepsis to be out as well. Whatever we face I am sure that it will be a blast and I am looking forward to next event.

For more information about Knight Blades, click the link at the top of the article or the link at the bottom.

Photos by Sundance Wolf

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