By: Aurora

League of Legends is a free Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MoBA) game. When starting the game you first create a summoner name. The summoner that you create is part of the League of Legends. The League is a political organization that was made to resolve all political conflicts in Valoran. With each battle you take part in, your summer gains experience and influence points. The influence points are used to purchase runes that improve your champion, and they can also be used to purchase new champions which you can play as in battles. Summoners can reach the maximum level of 30. Once it reaches level 30 you unlock all 30 mastery points and all 30 slots in your rune pages.

The mastery pages are similar to talent trees in World of Warcraft. The mastery pages have 3 different paths to choose from.  There is Utility, Offense and Defense. Within the paths you can specialize your champions for different rolls. The rolls include tank, ranged damage like a magic user that is based on ability power, melee damage which is based on attack damage and support characters that mainly run off ability power. For a tanking champion, most of your mastery points should be in the defense tree. The Offense tree can be used for either champions that use ability power for magic users or attack damage that is for melee champions. Thankfully you are allowed to create multiple mastery pages so you don’t have to keep inputting your points into the tree for each game. Runes are also used to better your champions. Runes are purchased at the store in game. These runes for example can give you more armor, mana, reduce the time of your spell cooldowns and much more.

There are two different match types in League of Legends that you can play in. There is the Classic mode and Dominion mode. Both have different objectives that must be met to win the match.  In Classic mode, the object of the game is to destroy the enemy nexus before they can destroy yours. When starting a match you can either pick from free champions of the week to play or ones that you buy with influence points. All the champions have their own unique abilities and act as a tank, support or damage champion. In each match you level your champion up your champion from 1-18. Sometimes matches are shorter and you won’t always reach max level. To level up your champion there are minions that give you experience and gold when you kill them. The gold you earn is used to buy your champion gear and potions for that match. There are many different items you can get from the in game store. These items can give you more ability power, attack damage crit and other stats that can be useful. While leveling there will be enemy champions as well. This is the time to test your fighting skills. It’s either killed or be killed. Don’t worry! If you die you will get respon back at your base. Now in order to reach the enemy team’s base you will have to clear the enemy turrets that are in your way. Be careful when damaging the turrets, you want to make sure you have minions also attacking the turrets, if you don’t the turrets will attack you and they hit for a Ton of damage! Keep in mind when you are advancing to the enemy’s base the enemy team will do everything they can to prevent you from destroying their base. The first team to destroy the opposing teams nexus or forces the opposing team to surrender wins the match!

The second match type you can play is called Dominion mode. Each team has a nexus like in Classic mode. But in Dominion mode the nexus cannot be targeted. The object of the game as before is to destroy the enemy’s team nexus. The way you do this is completely different. In Dominion mode there are 5 resource points on the map. The goal is to capture and defend as many resource points you can. This is very similar to the PVP event Arathi Basin in World of Warcraft. The more points you control the faster the enemy nexus takes damage. The opposing team will also be trying to take points as well. Again it is a balance between offensive and defense. The enemy’s nexus also takes damage if you kill an enemy player. Just remember, your nexus also takes damage if you die. In Dominion there are also minions for you to kill so you can level up your champion to 18. When you start a Dominion match you are automatically leveled up to level 3 and you have more gold to start with so you can start building your champions items.

League of legends is a very fun game. The two modes you can play of the game are Classic mode and Dominion mode. The objective of Classic mode is to destroy the enemy team’s nexus before they destroy yours. In order to get to the enemy base you must destroy the turrets before you can attack the nexus that is at their base. Dominion mode’s objective is the same but the nexus cannot be targeted or attacked directly. In order to destroy the enemy’s nexus you will need to capture and defend as many of the 5 resource points as you can. This concept is almost a mirror image of the pvp event Arathi Basin in World of Warcraft. I would highly recommend this game to any gamer out there. The first reason is because it is completely free. Secondly the pvp action is very competitive; there are actual tournaments that are held. On a scale from 1-10, 10 being the best, I would give the graphics for League a score of 7.  Overall on the same scale I would give League of Legends a total score of an 8.5.

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