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The all mighty and powerful legend of korra

Avatar fans wanted more and so Michael Dante Dimartino said yes to another series in the avatar world. What I love about this series is that it is just more bad ass. The bending has improve, the scenes, the lines are more matuer. Everything about it is awesome.

But in this post we are going to talk about the release date of season 2 of the legend of korra.

So in the first season we learned of amon and his identity. His mask was removed. Turns out that the bastard was just controling everyone. Typical bad guy story. But it gets more romantic. Korra’s bending power was taken from her and in return she learned to air bend. At the nick of time and so a spiritual hero comes along.



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Release date

Now according to the voice actor cast of legend of korra. The tweeted that THINK  season 2 of korra will be release in April. Yes you heard that correct but rest assure that it is only an opinion from a nickelodeon employee. However it is a reliable rumor since it is an employee of the corporation.

Obviously the creators wont tell you until early 2013 as they should. legend of korra season 2

What to expect

The juicy bits of the story of course. We are going to see into Aang’s past. That is when sokka, kitara, Toph and Aang are in their fourties. The gang all grown up. Not just that but everyone is anticipating as to what is going to happen to amon. Last we saw him he blew up on a boat. Not sure if he is dead but is a possibility. I thought since the story must go on you know what I mean.

But there will definitely be many flashbacks as well as Korra going into the Avatar state kicking ass. I want to see her fight an army. That is going to be the best part of the entire thing. That is a scene I have been dying to see in the avatar world.

They added steampunk to the fraeking show hey why not make more crowded room fight scenes like every other martial arts movie and show.

Updated information from the creators

According to attendees of the San Diego Comic Con 2012. A writer from said that the voice actor cast of Korra did a demonstration of an early korra episode. They also said that book 2 of Legend of korra will be call “Spirits” and will take six months after the event with amon ( which I think is odd, since they just beat the guy why would they not use the same bad guy again). In Season two of korra, it will explore the mythology of the spirit world of the avatar world and how the avatar line came to be. Michael Danteh Martino says “There will be no shortage of spirits. You will be spirited out.” (what ever that means).

Of course book 2 will tell us more about Korra’s family and will introduce us to some new characters. There will also be some story line between the northern water tribe and the southern water tribe.

Also the creators said that there will be a season 3 and 4 of legend of korra however they might continue it by moving out of nickelodeon.

Expect to see Legend of korra in this coming april of 2013 WOOOOOO yeah baby


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