Big Andy

Of course this was going to happen dude. I mean if you watched the cartoon show back in the 90′s or early 2000 then you know this already. Zack Snyder, this is no surprise. After making a Batman movie and then an all out Superman movie of course this was going to happen. I guess Marvel and DC are really competing now. Except Marvel is way ahead of DC since they already have the Avengers movie that killed the box office and the soon to be release Avengers 2. It does not get any better than this.


Now the Man of Steel movie was absolutely incredible. Superman has always been incredible and it would be mediocre to think that any Superman movie that is to be made in the future would not do well. Superman has found a place in the hearts of adults and children. Not only that but Superman has also found his place in the music business. So many bands use the name Superman in their lyrics. Eminem and Three Doors down for example. Superman was one of the first few superheroes that was created back in 1950′s. Superman is the pioneer of all superheroes. Many other superheroes branched from superman or were inspired by him. I believe there was even a comic book when Superman became a god in the eyes of ummm “Everyone”

Now Batman is a whole different story. Batmen is the type of superhero a person should be if they don’t have super powers. In other words if you want to be a super hero you need to be a fucking billionaire. Any one who tries to do what Kick Ass did will die the first day in real life. Sorry dudes but that is the cold truth for all you Kick Ass fans out there. I love Kick Ass the movie butĀ  no way in hell will I try to be a super hero. Batman is way cooler than Superman. Not just that but he is what the ladies want. A man of many mysteries. Bruce Wayne needs many tools and gimmicks to save the day while Superman is an alien with supernatural powers. People appreciate Batman because umm well … he is … human. We cant all be Superman but some of us are close to beingĀ  a Batman. Bill Gates for starters.

So Yes Superman and batman will buddy up in 2015. Which by the way is a little confusing because apparently a Justive League movie is suppose to be release that same year. Hmmmm… Looks like some actors are going to be very busy but either way we have two more years to find out. if you are reading this in 2013.

The only reason why this movie is going to be Super cool is because of the Dark Night himself. Batman is one hell of a Vigilanty. Batman has wit and Superman has muscles. I alway found it funny that a piece of rock can make a man so weak. In the Superman and Batman animated series Batman always fooled the Man of Steel. Go watch it you will see.

Thanks to 21th century technology all these freaking cool movies are being made.

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