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God almighty. Here comes the argument again and it seems that only old times are angry about this change. Ebooks are rising as the new medium from which we read and buy books. Not that every single thing in the world is going to go digital however eBooks is one of those things that will be fully transformed in the coming age.

Barnes and Nobles are closing more and more of their retail stores because less and less people are buying eBooks. With the rising technology of Digital tablets such as the Ipad and kindle fire (which seem to be the top selling devices) The world of books is changing as well as libraries.

Even after Barnes and Nobles released their own digital device called the NOOK they are still struggling. is the dominant online retailer. Not only do they command the eBook and paperback market online but they also sell everything from electronics, clothes, toys, video games, music, movies and much more. Barnes and Nobles is taking a beating from its competitor and according to the recent news they are at the cusp of throwing in the towel. You know what they say. When you cant beat them join them.

Barnes and Nobles only revenue 8 billion dollars in 2012 even during December Christmas time. While revenues 50 plus billion dollars (or we believe it to be even more than that.) We all know that when a company is about to go out of business, the first that happens is. You have other businesses making deals with you.

Microsoft has been keeping an eye on the eBook market. So Microsoft sees Barnes and Nobles to be profitable. If they close the deal with Barnes and Nobles their marketing plan is to distribute their products via the retail stores. This means that there is a possibility of more Barnes and Nobles stores to open and stay in business than before due to Microsoft reputation and with the help of the XBOX. The XBOX has been winning the console wars so far and gaming experts are predicting its victory this year as well.

Microsoft and Barnes and Nobles. I can definitely see that happening. This is one step for Barnes and Nobles to stay open and will give them more time to plan an attack on

the reason why Barnes and Nobles has been losing the battle is because they don’t give people what they want. Not only that but they need to learn to see the future much like amazon does. BN was made for readers. The leader in books retailers but locally of course. Amazon being technology savvy saw the change in the digital age and the rise of eBooks since the year 2003.  Is not to say that paperbacks are going to be extinct however they will became second resort to reading.


Digital tablets and digital pages.

If you are into business and economics like I am you must have already noticed how less and less people are buying desktops. Those too will become less common and many believe that only businesses and school will be the ones who purchase desktops while the majority of people will carry a digital tablet with them.

At first Barnes and Nobles managers and supervisor thought of taking over college bookstores however those will become digital as well. In fact there are about 13,000 libraries in the US that have already built a system that allows people to borrow eBooks for a few weeks. ( Those locations will not be named in this article). So it is a bad idea for Barnes and Nobles to go for that. That is why BN have been looking to sell their retail operations.

Microsoft wants to have a space in BN where they can showcase their windows smartphones, surface tablets and XBOX.

What do you think about Microsoft joining forces with Barnes and Nobles.


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