By Jorge Paize

So apparently Microsoft has decided to remove the DRM Policies on the new Xbox One. Yes that’s right folks DRM restrictions will no longer effect your game play on the Xbox one. For those you who are unfamiliar with what DRM is or what it does let me quickly remind you. DRM is the restriction in which was announced that all Xbox one gamers will have to be connected to the internet  in order to play there games as well as checking in with Micrososft servers every 24 hours. This may leave a positive shift in momentum with battle against Sony’s PS4.


What Are the Changes To Xbox one And How Are They better?

Since DRM restrictions are now being removed from the Xbox one Internet will only be required when setting up the consul.   Also Xbox one will no longer be restricting used games as well as  trading discs just like you would in the Xbox 360 with no additional restrictions of trading or lending games to friends. That’s not all gamer’s Xbox one will also no longer be region locked and all downloaded games will function the same way whether your consul is connected to the internet or not.  So as it stands Microsoft has heard the voice of its audience and has listened and compromised with Xbox fans to make there system more fun.

With Xbox one now having no DRM restrictions  Xbox one now stands toe to toe with the PS4. The only difference that there is  in price range making Xbox one $100 more. Also the significant factor being that Xbox had a motion feature which requires one to use the Kinnect to go through the menu or operate there Xbox one consul by voice command.  With many game titles now being realeased on both systems as well as exclusive game titles that can only played on a specific one consul could the Xbox one and the  Kinnect be the difference maker that xbox needs now that it has been improved to do so much? Has Microsoft revolutionized gaming now that it stands equal to Sony and the Playstation? Who will win the consul war? comment below and let us know and to hear more about this story listen to our live broadcast every Monday from 7Pm-9PM EST

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