My Minecraft Adventure

My  MineCraft




When I first got into minecraft it wasn’t your everyday game. It had no meaning no plot and a lot of blocks.

I wasn’t sure what to think I wasn’t happy I wasn’t sad I was just fully sprung with ideas. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to build but I knew I had to build something before it went night or I might not see the light of day.

So I started to collect wood, but I just kept on tapping and not holding the right trigger. It wouldn’t work but then I learned from that mistake and I was able to get my first block of wood. Then one of my friends came into my world and since he played minecraft on pc he showed me the ropes and I was able to grasp on real quick so it has started my minecraft adventure with my friend (we will call him Sarge.)  So when I gotten down the basics of minecraft I just wanted to start building and I made my first wood house which wasn’t that bad to me. The building could have been better and well it was my first so you wouldn’t expect a newbie to get it down the first time.



When my buddy Sarge went to collect food I went to collect wood and we made sure things were in different chess and kept in order so we know what is what. What I do is I put a chess on the foot of my bed and put all my tools and armor I currently use in the chest even when I do not need my tools, I leave it in there when I return if  I need to farm or collect wood I know where it is right away.





Last Year of September 2012

I decided to build a community world which held Currency and jobs for people to do when they need money to build on their plot of land. It was not a easy task the limit of players per world was 8 ((which I think could have extended to 16 but that’s just me talking)). The world was called CraftMine. When a new update came out I was forced to make a new world to have its features which gotten annoying very fast. But I always kept my cool and continue to build. New world new building I always said and we were very successful for a few months but then minecraft gotten somewhat tireing and I didn’t want to stop playing the game but the people who joined my world stopped coming and there were a few attempts to revive it but they all failed.


May 2013

Craftmine 3.0 was alive for nearly 5 months as it goes off and on and people come and go. People still love it till this day and we all have fun. This is when the real adventure began me Sarge and 5 other people were on a adventure. It was dangerous deadly and fun, we all joked and have fun when we were In the caves looking for the strong hold but the people who stood behind made improvements on the buildings. When we gotten deeper in the caves we found a ravine there were fool of mobs and it was going to get alittle hard so we decided to build a bridge cross to get to one place to another. Our goal at the time was to find diamonds and that was the hard part because well we all know diamonds are slightly rare to find on whatever map you are on. As we got to the other side there was lava on the next floor we were going down to. A friend in our small party noticed diamonds on the otherside of the lava and we all knew that if we don’t mess around we can get the diamonds.

TO BE CONTINUED~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

((That’s all for now kids tune in next week to find out what happens :P ))

(if you guys want to tell me your first minecraft Adventure please comment down below I would love to read them).





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