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What do you? To be or not to be my friends. I think yes. I think if given to the right director and done right a naruto live action movie will do well in the long run. Why do I say this. Let me put it this way. Bleach has a live action movie. So why cant Naruto. The bleach live action movies looks awesome for an anime that has more than a hundred episodes and 30 volumes. I believe the bleach manga has come to its conclusion by the time of this blog post but hey. Once an anime, manga or comic book becomes a live action movie that is how you know it is successful. Just look at Death Note but I wont give dragon ball evolution any credit (Yes it sucks I know).

naruto live action movie dudesHow can a Naruto live action movie have success without getting F**K UP!

Good question. You see the truth is that any comic book, manga, anime, video game or heck a novel can  be translated into a live action movie. The directors first have to know the elements and the world of that franchise(anime or manga). For example. Avatar the last airbender live action, the world was captured beautifully however the way that the story progressed sucked and the fighting was horrible I will admit. If the fighting and acting had been better performed few fans would have stoppped complaining about the live action movie.

Naruto is a vast world my friends. To make a live action movie of naruto the director really has to think of all the characters, the world, the ninjutsu system and narrow the story of the first five naruto seasons into two hours.

What us anime fans and otaku want is for directors to capture the personality of the characters, the ninjutus system and for the story to make sense if its being narrowed down to two hours.

This means that to cover the entire naruto series a film director will have to make a trilogy. Shippuden beingt that last. maybe even six films. The point is that it is hard to translate a 500 episode anime into a live action film.

It was easy with death note because it only had 40 episodes. Less of a headache and the characters were minimal.

Rumors about the naruto live action movie.

Ok so apparently an american film company who shall remain unnamed is trying to buy the rights to the naruto live action movie but it has not yet been confirmed that it will be done. I am not sure which american film maker will be making the movie but the actor for naruto has already been chosen (for now).

Shia LaBeouf has been chosen to play naruto. Until the film has been 100% confirmed Labeouf shall remained the only nominee. I cant think of anyone else to play the part honestly. I think he will do well and I think he can pull off the loud mouth ninja for naruto.

Dont you.

Anime fans dont like it when an american company remakes and anime. Its sucks for them but hey. American companies have a larger budget to make films. So it can possible.

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