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Yes folks and anime fans. You read that title correctly. Here at Anime and Comics Fandomania we do believe that the naruto shippuden series is coming to an end. After nearly 300 or more episodes and more than 50 manga volumes, Masashi Kishimoto is creating his grand finale for the naruto manga series. Simply incredible.

ten tailed beast

It is funny because at first I wanted to see Naruto come to an ending and now that it is soon to end in about a year or so I know that is going to miss it. I am going to miss Naruto Uzumaki. I am going to miss the leave village and all the ninja clans in it.

Why do we think Naruto series will end soon?

You might be wondering why we think the Naruto series will end soon my friends. If you have read chapter 615 of the manga you will realize why. The ninja war is about to come to a conclusion since Madara and Obito(Tobi) have summoned the ten tail beast. At first we saw naruto, Kakashi and Guy fighting against the Obito and Madara as difficult of an opponent as they were, the leaf ninja’s manage to fight the mask fighter. Naruto has fully reached his kyuubi mode.( Nine tails fox chakra mode.) Which is totally insane. He has also mastered the sage mode that Jiraiya introduced to him. Naruto has also mastered his win jutsu, Rasengan and made multiple versions of it.

Naruto is now fighting against the ten tail beast with the entire ninja alliance. Four villages all gathered to help Naruto fight madara and the ten tails beast. Incredible. Neji Hyuga died (one of my favorite characters) as well as some other valuable ninjas. This is truly a fight for the entire world.

One thing that purely amazed me was the power of the ten tail beast and how it can destroy and entire village for hundreds of leagues away. Yes it can destroy anything in its path from any part of the world scary enough.

naruto and hinata finally together

Also in in chapter 615 of the Naruto shippuden manga. Hinata and Naruto have realized the love they have for each other. (Well at least Hinata got her wish. Naruto usually went for Sakura). Yes Naruto and Hinata are now together, according to the picture. Lets not forget that Naruto must win because he has to become the hokage of the leaf village (the sixth hokage).  In the first Naruto series everyone thought Sakura was going to end up with sasuke and Naruto for ever and hopelessly liked Sakura(the love triangle). However in Shippuden naruto realizes that Hinata is in love with him. During the Ninja war.

We are still to see how the ninja war will end. Madara and Tobi want to cast an enormous genjutsu on the entire world using the power of the ten tails who will become the moon itself along with the power of the other tail beast.

Once the Naruto Shippuden series is over. Will Masashi Kishimoto continue on with Naruto or utterly end it?

I have a question for the anime fans. What happens when an anime like Naruto or Sailor moon, especially dragon ball z becomes huge and famous. When an anime becomes a hit, anime and manga companies immediately try to bring it back. Look at dragon ball z. It became so big that they had to bring it back one way or another. Even after the cell saga and majin buu saga. They had to bring it back because people wanted it really bad. They crave more of it. That is why dragon ball z series has about 800 episodes ( perhaps I exaggerated with that number).

If Kishimoto decides that this will be the end of Naruto then those who own the rights to the anime will continue it. If he decides to continue on with the manga then he will make a new series, Maybe a storyline of years a head. When Naruto is finally Hokage  with Hinata and his daughter. That would be an interesting plot.

Speaking of such plots there is a saying that Sasuke Uchiha will become stronger than Madara Uchiha.  This is a possible plot once Naruto becomes Hokage. Sasuke still wants revenge on the leaf village.


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