The best selling action manga in the world. Do you think its coming to its conclusion. I believe they have a thousand more episodes to go. The chapters keep on going but you keep reading knowing that it will just keep on going for another two years. So why dont you just stop.

Naruto is one of those anime and manga that you need to see the end of it. Like dragon ball z. What is going to happen next episode.

If you have been keeping up with the latest naruto chapter 607 then you know what I am talking. They say that Naruto will become hokage after the ninja war. I couldn’t agree more honestly. I want to see an ending. Even if the ending sucks I want to see it. Dont you.

Naruto now fights against Madara and Obito. The two uchiha that planned it all. Who will win. The nine tails power or the ultimate uchiha ninja with infinite chakra. Anime Geeks go crazy this topic.

Naruto having the blood of he senju fights the legendary Uchiha madara who summons the wooden dragon a technique from the first hokage hashirama. Obito faces the ghost of his past, Kakashi and Gai Sensei.

Naruto vs Obito

Who do you root for? I think Naruto has come to a point where he can take on both. The trouble is that Madara has him by the balls so to speak. He can extract the ninetails power. Not only that but the ninetails is weak against the wood element of the first hokaga which Madara copied.

I think Sasuke is going to burst in and help out Naruto. I am not sure when or how but Sasuke is going to join in the fight. Perhaps he will team up with Naruto for a moment and then fight his own friend but either way I believe he will join the fight.

What do you think my friends. Leave a comment below and tell us what you think about this so that we can talk about it on our radio show


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