By Skully Deathscythe

There are many reasons why people love Vocaloid. Not only is a Vocaloid a voice synthesis software, a computer program, and digital instrument, but it is also a character. Each Vocaloid has their own voice, personifications, and they can be “raised” in a sense. It can be brought up to be any type of complexion the producer chooses through what songs they sing and how they present them

Each Vocaloid is given a personality through different songs and apparel. They will sing about things they like, things they hate, their desires, their relations to the other Vocaloid characters, and anything else to give them human-like traits. Kaito, one of the first Vocaloids released by Crypton in 2006, is a very good example due to the many different personalities given to him by an abundance of producers.

Kaito’s voice can be used in various ways to sound completely different while still being recognizable as himself. For example, “Cantarella” and “My Ice Cream is Melting or (Aisu ga Meruto)” are both two of Kaito’s songs with very different meanings. “Cantarella” is about him and a girl, who is Hatsune Miku, another Vocaloid Idol. He drugs her, and engages in intercourse with her in a forest, then forces her into marriage. However, “My Ice Cream Is Melting,” is a very cute and innocent song of Kaito being sad about his ice cream melting before he gets to eat it. As you can see, depending on the Vocaloid producer, a Vocaloid can be a sinful, sex-crazed monster, or an innocent, adorable, child-like character.

Another Example of Kaito having that innocence is a song about how much he hates raw tomatoes and why he cannot eat them. In the song, he explains that he likes pasta sauce and ketchup, but he cannot eat a raw tomato because he hates the “pulpy texture”.

The reason why Vocaloid fans and users can become so attached to their Vocaloid characters is because in a way they are able to raise them like children. Through lyrics and melodies, people can paint a picture of their Vocaloid, giving them them an image, a voice, interests, and even a life. You get to control who they become while being able to express yourself through them. While the songs belong to the Vocaloid characters themselves, being labled as “Cantarella by Kaito” or “My Ice Cream is Melting by Kaito”, the lyrics and music also belong to the producer. Throughout the process of creating a song using the Vocaloid software, the user develops a relationship with their Vocaloid. You may feel as if you and your Vocaloid are a team creating lyrics and melodies together.


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