playstation 4 and xbox 720 release date and price and what to expect

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So the PlayStation 4 rant has risen up again in the gaming world and everyone is doing nothing but research on what is going to come up next my friends. Sony its making its big announcement as well as the Xbox 720 my friends. It is going to be Troy vs Sparta. The war will rage my friends.

So Sony has already reveal the name for their new console. The PlayStation 4 (PS4) will be called Orbis. Now as to what the name stands for here at ACFRADIO.COM we are not completely sure however according to Kotaku and their on field researchers that is the actual name of the system. We will be talking about the Xbox 720 here as well mates so keep on reading but lets start with good old Sony.

Playstation 4 (PS4 Orbis)

Playstation 4 orbis

Of course we are all expecting the PlayStation 4 Orbis to have way better graphics however how much more realistic can games get now a days really. The system should be able to handle more space. As far as graphics yes people do want to see more realistic graphics however the graphics of the new game will only look smoother, less blocks  and better skin tones and colors for the games. (Not bad)

By the way. As far as graphics it is said that PS4 games will be 4k compatible with the upcoming television projects.

Playstaion 4 Orbis release date

Maybe some of you already know that the PlayStation 4 will be release during Christmas time in 2013. It is going to be competing with the Xbox 720 of course. Its a fight for you dollars my friends as well as your loyalty to the companies. However if you live in Europe, Sony might make its release on 2014 January or February.

How much will it cost

Thank god for this news. Sony has learned its lesson from when they first launched the PlayStation 3. When the PlayStation 3 came out the price was absolutely ridiculous. I believe it went from $600 to $800. However they had to lower the price once they realize that people just weren’t able to spend that much money on a console. So Sony has decided to price their console at $400 for their North American market. Europe will be about 200 Euros.  For the average worker $400 is about two weeks of work. Not bad for a start and of course games will still be up to $60.

Good bye PS3 and Xbox 360 games and resales

Ok so here is the news that boils every ones blood and makes them seethe with anger. You wont be able to play PS3 games on the PS4 Orbis. Yeah Sucks right. Sony wants gamers to have a connection with their PlayStation Network. That is just how they want things to be. In other words you will always need access to the internet. So if you don’t have internet at home guys sorry but you aren’t having fun. It is a punch in the face for those who are struggling to pay bills but still want to play. What does Sony expect people to do if they don’t have internet. Go the their local library and hook up their system their.

Secondly Sony and Microsoft are going in the same direction. They want to get rid of the second hand gaming market. The reason they are doing this is because many video game publishers don’t like gaming retail stores to resell their video games after it has been used. So in conclusion no one who owns a PS4 or Xbox 720 wont be able to play used games.

Yes Sony and Microsoft has found a way so that you don’t play used games. It is sad but so true my friends. I am not trying to be negative but more like alarming people of what is going to happen so that you can be prepared.

So the days where you can buy a PlayStation game, beat the game and then sell that shit back to Game Stop , is over my friends.

Many gaming stores that resell games will go out of business. Ouch. Talk about helping the economy grow.

PlayStation move and Kinect

Ok so the PlayStation 4 Orbis will be release with the PlayStation eye camera with is suppose to do the same as the PlayStation move and mimic the Xbox Kinect. The new Xbox will still have the innovative Kinect technology ( some say it was all a rip off from Nintendo but hey once a great idea is made is it hard not to copy.

XBOX 720

xbox 720 microsoft

The name of the new Xbox 720 is infinity.

The new Xbox controller

According to our research here at Anime and Comics Fandomania. The new Xbox gen console will not make many changes to the popular Xbox controller. The reason being that their innovative Kinect motion detector will be a big part of the new games coming out this year for the console.  Yes the success of the Kinect has attracted many people to buy the Xbox system. Many of it has to do with the billion dollar weight loss industry and people wanting to have fun while they lose weight. That is why the Wii is so popular. This is where the PlayStation and Sony have yet to win. Gamers are moving to the Xbox for health reasons ( you cant beat that).

Blue Ray

If I were Bill Gates I would be just a little embarrass for not adding the Blue Ray feature to my system. This is where the PlayStation punched the Xbox in the face. Those who owned a PlayStation can watch blue ray movies. Not only that but also those who had a PlayStation 3 only had one disk for a game while some Xbox games required 2 disc. Final fantasy 13 for the Playstation 3 had only one disc thanks to the blue ray and then the Xbox 360 had two disc for the game. Hhmmm which one should I pick.

How much will it be?

I think Microsoft will end up beating Sony in sales. I am proud to announce (even though I am not an Xbox fan) that the 720 will be for $299 that is $100 less than the PlayStation 4 Orbis. Sorry Sony you should have lowered your price. I think $300 is a good price. Remember that Sony and Microsoft are also competing with the new digital tablet market such as the Kindle fire HD, Ipad, Samsung Galaxy and all those others. So to compete I say $300 is a good price for a console.

Here more information about the endless battle of these two consoles my friends on our radio show …go to our listen live page …we are on every Monday from 7PM to 9PM Eastern Standard time.



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