• Big Andy pokemon x and y nintendo 3ds I am by no means a pokemon fan let me tell you now however when I heard this news I knew I had to make a blog post of it. You might be wondering why but the truth is I still like pokemon. After watching the trailer video for pokemon X and Y game comi



ng for the nintendo 3DS I got inspired. It looks so fantastic, a geeks dream is for the actual fantasy creatures




to come to real liike Pokemon never fails to amaze  and also not only will it be in 3D graphics but there will be a new region of pokemun as well. Yes that is right.













































Remember the Knto leagues and Johto as well senno and heon leagues with all those new pokemon that came out for the past two decades yes I am not sure what will be the new league or region this time, no information has bee release on it.   Moving in the new 3D world. It was fun and it was the best.   pokemon-x-95403057397462712840570528087420 Pokemon masters staying in contact with each other. According to the CEO of the pokemon company called pokefreak. Gamers will be able to do more than just pokemon battle with their friends and trade pokemons from now on. Gamers will be able to collect their friends data so that they can meet them in the pokemon world as they play. You will be able to pokemon battle no matter where you are as long as you have collected your friends data. This means that you can challenge each other in a pokemon game and on and on. he new Started pokemons my friends pokemon x and y starters For some reason the new pokemons are starting to look  less and less like pokemons and more like digimons. (Do you agree. Many people have told me the same thing). Anyways the new started pokemons look interesting. The usual fire, water and grass. Personally I always go with fire some reason. Grass types seem to be every where but when it comes to fir pokemon they seem to be hard to find. Water type pokemons can easily be acquire with a fishing rod. Here they are folks Chespin is a grass type starter pokemon. His name is combine with the words chestnut and pin. Fennikin is a fire type started pokemon. This cute little fox was inspired by actual Fennec desert fox. Frakie is a water started pokemon. A cute little frog with big eyes. A little repetitive I think. We already have a frog pokemon I believe but does not hurt to creature another one of difference. Once your started pokemons evolve I believe they will have more than 1 type. That is also a new thing with pokemon now. Each pokemon seems to have more than two types like fire and rock. This makes the game more of a challenge and interesting dont you thinkis alway pokemon x and y X legendary Gameplay I wont say much about the game play except that it is in 3D now much like the nintendo 64 game that came out in the 90′s my friends. The battle graphics are better and it will look much like the anime as far as the fights. eachpokemon will be standing on a circle resembling the area that they are in. Join the Forum discussion on this post

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