By Aurora

Want to have a cosplay for a convention and don’t have the money to buy one offline? Well this is the article for you. I will be explaining some of the best ways to make a cosplay of your own no matter what you want to cosplay.

The first suggestion I have is to check your local consignment shop. Weather it be Goodwill, The Salvation Army, Savers or any other small Consignment shops in your area. When looking in a consignment shop you can look for different pieces and try to fit a few pieces from different consignment shops together to make your outfit. Even if you can’t find exactly what your looking for i would suggest finding something as similar to the costume piece you need. With something similar you can always alter the article of clothing to make it look like exactly what you need for cosplay sometimes you can also find jewelry at consignment shops for your costumes and you can be sure that it will be cheaper then buying it new. That also goes for the clothing as well.

If your costume requires some type of jewelery, special pendant, or something very intricately made. you may want to try to make the accessory piece out of Sculpey. Sculpey is a kind of polymer clay and has to be baked in an oven for it to dry. Sculpey is also very versatile. it comes in just about any color imaginable. I have made many things with it such as pendents for necklaces,  a big rosary piece for my Trinity Blood cosplay. you can find Sculpey almost anywhere, you can find it at any craft store and stores like Walmart.

If your feeling more adventurous you can even make your cosplay from scratch. You can find a lot of patterns for clothing at Joann Fabrics and also you can find some patterns at the craft section at your local Walmart. the patterns themselves can also be altered so they fit what you are looking to make. As far as finding fabrics Joann’s has a large collection of fabrics to choose from. Also if you sign up for their emailed coupons, they usually have some very good deals on fabrics and other crafting materials you could use for your cosplay like jewelry making supplies, and stuff like foam to make those ungodly large weapons some of the anime characters have.

If you need a wig sometimes you can find some really good quality wigs online on sites like ebay for a decent price.  If you need to put something together last minute you can always check in the costume section of your local party store. Granted the wigs won’t be a super good quality but it will be a good enough quality to last you awhile if you take care of it properly. The party stores also carry some accessories that can be used for costuming like fake glasses, nails, and stockings.

My Integra cosplay from the anime Hellsing Ultimate was put together entirely with these tips i shared with you today. I put the whole suit together with clothing from Goodwill which included the pants, long sleeve shirt and suit coat cost me around 15 dollars. I also got the shoes at a small consignment shop in town and they cost me 5 dollars. The gloves and glasses I purchased from a party store and together they cost me 6 dollars. For the tie i simply bought a half yard of red fabric from Joan Fabrics and tied it like a tie then put the cross pin on it to complete the look. All together the whole cost me around 30 dollars. The one off Ebay costs around 70 Dollars so with making it myself saved me at least 40 dollars because the wig was not included in the ebay costume. The wig on ebay would cost at least 20 dollars extra.

So if you wanna make a cosplay and save some money fallow these simple steps!

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