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Howdy yall and welcome to the first installment of Retro Classicx im your reviewer Retro Ric, and im here to talk about a video game this week, and its a good one to those of you who have played it, and if you haven’t or have never heard of it, maybe after this you will be interested

So what do I have for you this time…..well saddle up, git ready praters as we go a shootin in the old west …ok im done speaking like that it wont be like this any longer




Sunset Riders (サンセットライダーズ Sansetto Raidazu?)
released by Konami as a coin-operated video game in 1991. The game is set during the American Old West, where the player takes control of a bounty hunter who is seeking the rewards offered for various criminals. The coin-op version was released in two variants: a 2-player version and a 4-player version. Home versions of Sunset Riders were released for the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) in 1992 and for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993. ( thank you wiki for that one)


It revolves around four bounty hunters who are out to claim rewards given for eliminating the most wanted outlaws in the West. There is no true “storyline” aside from collecting progressively larger rewards. At the beginning of each level the player is shown a wanted poster, showing the criminal and the offered reward. At the end of each level the cash bounty is distributed amongst the players in proportion to the amount of damage they dealt to the boss.


sunset_riders characters

There are four gunslinging studs in this game: Steve, Billy, Bob, and Cormano. Steve and Billy are pistoleers. Bob and Cormano are rifle/shotgun toters. The best character to use is Bob. He is pretty quick with pump-action rifle(s). His rifle shot is more accurate than Cormano’s, but if you are looking for power, Cormano’s shotguns are a little more powerful than Bob’s rifles.

The game is cartoony, of course, and some touches of anime work their way into some of the graphics – but there’s nothing too intrusive that breaks the feeling of a Western. The Gunsmoke-style backgrounds are perfect for the theme, but what’s really spectacular here is the level of detail in the sprites. If you don’t shoot anything for a while, even if you’re walking, your character will put away his “shootin’ irons” in his own way – twirling them into his holsters, blowing the smoke from the barrels, or taking the time to reload. When you defeat the villain El Greco, he tosses away his sombrero; if you are playing as Cormano, the gunslinger will catch it and switch his own hat with the new one, which will stick with him for the rest of the game. There is a countless number of such jokes and touches in this style, and it’s best for the player to discover them on his own.
he voice effects are pretty impressive – since arcade games had perfected them to the point where more creative ideas could be applied to them, Sunset Riders takes the opportunity and runs with it. There are plenty of quotes created exclusively for humor – with some enemies sporting pretty good impressions of Edward G. Robinson and John Wayne – but the real point is to further capture the feeling of the movies. Your character has a pleasant Southern drawl when he tells the womenfolk not to “werry” about anything. The Indians talk in stereotypical Pidgin English (“me ready for pow-wow”), but it’s not meant as a racist gesture – it’s simply how the movies of old portrayed them. In that same vein, an Indian woman is shown – and she speaks in perfect syntax, of course. If it was made today it would be a shit storm with these PC groups but thats another rant for another time. This is just PURE FUN ENJOYABLE GAME



I adored this game as a kid i played more on the arcade and only beat it once, The SNES was the concole i owned so i played it on that and it was so diffrent in terms of feel, but both versions were fun to play and worth your 25 cents, This game was a classic as a kid and still a ton of fun now, ive only beaten the game once and ive never been able to do it again, but i keep trying once in a while but this game is so fun
I give Sunset Riders …


3 John Waynes out of 5







This has been Retro Ric with your Retro Classics


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