By Jorge Paiz

Over the years Robots, Androids, and Cyborgs have been a big part of the anime world, movie world, and the real world. It has been for many years that many people have enjoyed the idea of giant fully functional life size robots and have watched that idea unfold before there very eyes in anime series and on the big screen. The one thing that anime fans and the rest of man kind have been anticipating for years to come is the actual construction of  fully operation robot’s that are power packed with gut punching moves! In which mankind can control.

Such  robots that have demonstrated this kind of  jam packed fighting action, are robots from anime series like Gundam Wing, Moble Suit Gundam, and Code Geass. As well as Hollywood action scifi films such as Robo Cop and Real Steel. Now some of you may remember my last article  titled  Giant robot Anime-How Close Is it to Reality. I talked about how close robots and human cyborgs may be close  to reality. Well here’s a follow up to that article and what has come to be from not just anime but Hollywood movies. What all of these anime have in common with these Hollywood movies is one very key thing, all the robots were controlled by humans and they were also used form a purpose whether it be for sport, or for protection of mankind. Now we may not know if it may ever come to the point were mankind will depend on robots as tool for protection or war even if matters ever reached that far. However we can say that the curiosity of anime fans as well as the curiosity of many mechanical engineers has sparked a  rather fun way of using these robots of destruction and turn it into an intellectual sport.

After years of robotics an mechanical engineering  we now have a live action reality game show sport Known as Robot Combat League This a show that takes the mechanical hydro-lick technology,computer motion censor programming, and athleticism. Then turns it into a sport that not only requires athletic ability but, scientific Intelligence and knack for technology and robotics in order to win. There is no blood shed in this sport only hydro-lick fuel and oil. The only thing one can break in this sport other then onees dreams of success is ones gears and pistons. this show is presented on the syfy channel every Tuesday night at 10PM EST. hosted by WWE Super Star Chris Jericho.  Who accompany’s a  group of competitors who’s jobs are compete in 12 teams of 2  to see who’s robot is the better fighter.

All these teams whom which consist of people with different backgrounds some are some of which are well known athletes such as Olympic track runner  Bayano Kamani and Proffessional MMA Fighter Amamanda Lucas who is the daughter of Legendary Film Maker George Lucas. They are accompanied by tech specialists who have background in working in places such as NASA and Teachnicol Education. such as Paulo Younse a NASA Robotics Engineer and Dave Shisnel an Engineering Manager at Intel. These unique individuals join forces to revolutionize a sport we all thought could only exist in anime and in scifi movies. With this show i coul ohonestly say it is a huge step in robotic history.

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