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Hello there you guys. I decided to write this blog post because anime fans have been greatly anticipating the release of episode 27. Saint Seiya: the lost canvas has to be the best series of saint seiya since knights of the zodiac. I grew up with this anime. Like any other anime fan I continued to watch it again and again. It is one of those anime that just captures you till the end much like naruto and its never ending episodes of fillers.

So I finished watching the lost canvas episode 26. I thought I was going to able to watch the entire thing. It was getting really good. Hades castle was destroyed. Libra Dohko died. Tenma fought against Alone( hades).


It was epic and so long I waited. Many saints of Athena died. Tenma the main character revealed an evolution form of his Pegasus armor. Pretty soon we will see the new armor in the coming episodes and the last few saints that we have not seen fight yet. Saint scorpio and aquarius made their appearance however we still have to see saint Leo and Gemini I believe. So in the coming episodes they will appear.

However now there is a rumor going around that they have stopped the production of saint seiya lost canvas since the anime was not doing so well in japan. Which is funny. It did so well in the 90′s so why would it not do well now in the 21 century. Too much foreign mythology perhaps and if an anime does not take off in Japan it wont take off in other countries that is just how the system works. Many production studios assume that if their anime does not do well in their country then its not worth shipping over seas.

However if you are a movie fanatic like myself then you have seen how movies you think were shitty here in America actually did incredibly over seas ….WHY?!  Dont ask me but if I had to guess is because other countries especially third world countries, they have not see the type of special effects done to American movies then their domestic films.

Example: Remember Avatar the last airbender live action movie. Everyone hated it in America but it did awesome overseas in china and India. WHY? probably because they have not seen such a thing before. American film makers they love using CG. That is just my guess. One thing is for sure M. Night Shyamalan is definitely making the second part of it which we will be talking about in a future post.

Anyways back to saint seiya lost canvas. Fans are dying to watch this anime. I am too. I wanted to see the conclusion of it as well as seeing the power of the other saints of athena and their awesome armor.

Here is the list of saints

  • Aries Shion
  • Taurus Aldebaran
  • Gemini Defteros
  • Cancer Manigoldo
  • Leo Llias
  • Virgo Asmita
  • Libra Dohko
  • Scorpio Kardia
  • Sagittarius Sisyphos
  • Capricorn El Cid
  • Aquarius Degel
  • Pisces Albafica

there you go guys there is the list of saints of Athena from Saint Seiya lost canvas. Now a suggestion for those who dont want to wait for the episodes. (I dont either) Read the manga. Yes there is a saint seiya lost canvas manga. Go out and read it my friends you wont regret it even if you have to buy it. I recommend you buy it rather than downloading it.




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