Saints Row 4 Vs. Grand theft auto V

Saints Row 4


Grand theft auto V

My thoughts:

To me I enjoyed both Grand theft auto and Saints Row IV they are both enjoyable in their own way. But when it comes to best game I lean more on grand theft auto but I’m not saying Saints Row is not good I’m saying it was best when it comes to the Jokes and game play they were great and first ever when it came with a gangster with super powers. But not just a normal Gangster He was the Gangster President of the United States of America which is pretty cool in a way. You never see jokes like that in any other games maybe as a Easter but not in a story mode in a video game. (I could be wrong but you guys are the Judge.)

My Thrilling moments

My thrilling moment in Grand Theft Auto V is when you meet a person who is trying to legalize Hemp. He offers to give you a smoke but first (if you’re Trevor) he said no he doesn’t touch the stuff but then he said yes. When Trevor smokes the hemp he starts to see Clowns and your job is to kill the clowns and there clown mobile. Same when it goes to Michael when he took a shot of that hemp he sees Aliens (not the aliens from Saints row) Michael goes insane as he tries to kill the aliens with one gun, unlimited ammo.

My thrilling moment in Saints Row IV was when I first got my super powers. I honestly felt like a god with a crazy side especially when it came down from a high place and causing a nuke explosion. My next Thrilling moment was when I had to help save one of the saints and you played as a side scroll fighter as they seem to base it off an old school fighter games.

Driving Structure:

I feel that Grand Theft Auto V Driving structure is more better then Saints Row IV (but if you were like me you hardly used a car because you had powers). The Driving felt downgraded in Saints row, In Grand Theft Auto V it felt real when you get into a car crash your Car can be damaged and sometimes you cannot drive it. But in Saints Row that does not happen you just crash and be fine or your car just blows up.


Flying Structure:

The flying in Saints Row II was better than the fourth one but I would have to give it to GTAV. When you crash in GTA you plane may blow up slide on the ground or when you crash you will blow up. But when it comes to flying in Saints Row IV it does not feel real and very boring.

Game Play:

The Gameplay from GTA is amazing I will not reveal too much let’s say when you get hurt it will show in result unlike Saints Row it will not show. Saints row is more comedy when GTA is more serious with little Comedy.

Which is better!:

Grand theft auto in my thought is the best game for people who can handle the violence swearing stealing and can deal with people killing one another is worth the game as well as when it comes to stealing a military jet and the military tries to shoot you down. I want to say saints row is great but it isn’t in the awesome level as GTA. Saints Row IV is a great game but not in the same level there both playable and I do recommend looking at both games but I would say take your time on grand theft auto V it is worth the wait and a very good story. Saints Row IV story line is pretty good i did enjoy the gameplay the comedy, i even enjoyed how they added one more voice to use within the game but Saints row was missing something, something important.



To the Viewers:


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