Kishimoto must had been drunk when he decided to do this. How is the story of the Naruto world going to turn out now. I mean Sasuke and Naruto still have to fight. Kishimoto cant just make Sasuke become good all of a sudden. When I read chapter 631 of Naruto I laughed and I only wish I could laugh harder because I read the chapter when I was at work. Isnt that some shit now. All the Hokage returned to fight in the war with Naruto and all the Ninjas thanks to Orochimaru. It seems like all the once bad guys want to protect what they have been trying to destroy this whole time. Yet the real villain in the story is Uchiha Madara. The man himself.

If Sasuke does end up becoming the Hogake I am going to be pissed off as well as a herd of fans. Kishimoto is going to get crucified by his fans if the story turns out this way. So yes team 7 has returned but we wont know for sure until the war with the ten tails is over. I like how all the leaf ninjas were telling Sasuke that he was drunk. How did Sasuke or Kishimoto get to the conclusion that the character suddenly became motivated to become Hokage.

sasuke to become hokage blah

This is good and bad. Because Naruto and Sasuke’s rivalry wont really end. WHY? Because now Sasuke wants to become Hokage and Naruto’s dream is to become Hokage. So they will now fight for the throne once they finish the ten tails. That’s just how it is.

Naruto will gladly fight with Sasuke for the Hokage title in fact he already won. What makes Sasuke think that he will become Hokage after all the shit that he did. Like everyone in the village suddenly will forget all the fucked up shit he did. That is pure arrogance and cockiness. “I don’t care what anyone thinks of me” said Sasuke. Bitch you better care if you want to become Hokage. The Hokage is chosen by the previous Hokage. Tsunade is dead we all know that since she got cut in half by Madara. As if she will pick Sasuke as the Hokage. I also think that four Hokages of the leaf wont select Sasuke either.

I think this is what’s going to make Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki continue their rivalry and their fight. For god sakes Kishimoto must make these two fight each other again.

There is also a saying that once Madara Uchiha is out of the picture that Sasuke will become stronger than Madara. This is some crazy shit.

sasuke hokage get real

Damn I always hated Sasuke. He is like that spoil kid that gets lucky every fucking time. Somebody saves him and his powers were given to him. Shit I want to punch this guy in the fucking face.

Anyways, so yes things are becoming interesting and annoying at the same time. However that wont stop the fans from figuring out what is going to happen. We will see this till the end. Oh and Hashirama is going to fight Madara Uchiha. GO LEAF VILLAGE

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