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If you grew up in the 90′s with these two fictional characters and never gave mind to their similarities then here at Anime and Comics Fandomania we will make you realize how these two fictional characters are related. It is funny. I grew up with both of these characters but it wasn’t until 2013 January that it hit me at the age of 23 about these two characters. Don’t I feel stupid. Although is not really a big deal don’t you feel as though it had eluded you.

I told this to our CEO Jorge Paiz and our radio show co host Skully and they both burst into laughter. So lets look at these two figures and how they are alike and I will also explain why they almost look the same. I am about to give you the red pill (Matrix movie) and help you see clearer in the world of animation and video gaming which have become more and more connected through the decades thanks to a hot babe called technology.

Link of Legend of Zelda

Link Legend of zelda

He was first created by Shigeru Miyamoto. He is blonde. He is a swordsman and goes has been going on countless journey’s since the 90′s with a fairy that guides him through the way. He wears a green tunic and rides and horse. Not only can he fight but he uses many tools to move through dungeons and destroy his opponent such as bombs, masks, batman like spear guns (sorry I forgot the name of that weapon), Shoes made of magnet. Bows and arrows. He has been turned into a wolf and into a forest creature (majoras mask). Link has been to many lands and has meet many people.

Link has also gain enough fame and fortune to roster in Super Smash Brother. Many people like to cosplay as him in renaissance fairs as well as anime and comic book conventions. Link does not have any magical powers but his sword skills and all the tools that he gains make up for his lack of magical abilities.

Peter Pan from Neverland


The all and powerful Disney brings us Peter Pan. Actually lets be blunt. Disney was the first to turn Peter Pan into a cartoon so it does not truly belong to them nor is it an original idea of theirs. However thanks to Disney’s marketing techniques, People consider Disney the creator of Peter Pan (if people would just look at the history).
Peter Pan is part of Disney’s magical kingdom that has had so much prestige for so long and so on.

Peter Pan is a red head while link is blonde like a surfer dude from California. Peter Pan’s clothing is all green except his shoes. He has the power to fly magically with no wings. Oh yeah I forgot. He uses pixie dust. He is good with the sword but prefers a dagger for some reason ( maybe he is scare he might cut Tinkerbell in two). Oh yeah and he never gets all. In other words Peter Pan prefers to never hit puberty, play with his toys and never find a girl to get laid with. He rather be a Toys R Us kid for the rest of his life. How dumb is that and yet no one wants to get old.

Peter Pan is always at war with captain hook. So messing with pirates never gets old with him (go check out our article on ninjas vs pirates )  Then again he is a kid and needs something to keep him busy and entertain. Peter Pan does not want to grow up while link has no choice. Link has to grow up to save the freaking world while this lazy ass of a red head is too busy picking up chicks, hanging out with kids younger than him and giving pirates a really hard time.

Compare and Contrast.

  1. Link and Peter Pan both wear green clothes
  2. They both use swords to fight although Peter prefers a dagger
  3. They both have fairies
  4. They are both from another world
  5. They both have to enemy to get rid of (Captain Hook and Gannondorf)
  6. Link is a originally a video game character while Peter Pan is originally from a book and English man wrote as a play.
  7. Peter Pan flies while Link rides on Epona
  8. Peter Pan never gets old while Link becomes older in Ocarina of time by removing a sword from the stone and in later on games.
  9. All Peter Pan does is fool around and have fun while Link is always busy saving the world from evil and other sinister forces.

Why are these two characters similar

While Peter Pan was created first, I believe in the early 1990′s or maybe even before. (Sometime before color cameras and television ok) The creator of Peter Pan his name is J. B. Barrie  a Scottish author. Years later after 70 years had passed and his good old book or peter pan had become a public domain Walt Disney company is smart enough to pick this up and turn it into an animated film.

Then Shigeru Miyamoto who happens to be a Disney fan and its movies, while working for nintendo. Miyamoto gets inspired by the little green lazy boy who never wants to get older. Then Zelda was born. Talk about copyright. Now I am not trying to bad mouth Miyamoto I am simply saying that he could have chosen a different color or design for Link that did not made him look too much like Peter Pan. Howevr there are reasons why he chose that color. Green being the color of nature represents Link as an elf and his village as well as his natural element. Link looks better than Peter Pan and Link works harder and is more tenacious than Lazy old Peter.

So there you have it fandomaniacs, thank you for reading and now take the URL of this article and go share it with your friends or something.

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