By Jorge Paiz

This weekend I ACFRADIO Host Jorge Paiz went to go see star Star Trek Into Darkness the second installment to the modern day Star Treak Movie. Which  Stared Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk, Karl Urban as Bones Mcoy  and Zachary Quinto as Spock. Along with the return of the original  Spock played by Leonard Nemoy. The film also featured Benedict Cumberbatch who is well known for playing Sherlcok Holmes in BBC”s modern day version of Sherlock Holmes its also featured another actor who is also well known on BBC as one of the companions named Mickey Smith on BBC’s popular science fiction series  Doctor Who known as Noel Clarke. 

Star Trek Into darkness did really well when it came to portraying character originality, I have to say that Zachary Quinto does a admirable job at portraying Spock and his intellectual Vulcan personality. Specially when it came  every smart and scientific line that would come out of his mouth, he definitely payed good tribute to the original Spock. I will also say that Chris Pine did an outstanding job with his character chemistry  between  the Stark Trek characters. What really brought out Captain Kirk in this movie was the relationship on screen between  Bones Mcoy , Spock, and Montgomety Scotty and how they were very well in tune as characters  Also every character in this movie felt really authentic with the addition of the Original Spock  Leonard Nemoy  makes it feel like your watching the original Stark Trek only with much more enhanced state of the art special effects.

So with good authenticity and good character persona  the star fleet  crew stands strong with a well made modern day U.S.S. Enterprise. This was the icing on the cake for this movie they really made the enterprise live up to it’s name making it look so much more like the original but with a much more sleek look on the interior. along with the twist  of  Benedict Cumberbatch playing Khan. So over all with a great cast great effects and great authenticity I give  Stark Trek Into Darkness a 10 out of 10

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