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Sword art online season 2 party

Sword Art Online my new love has taken the anime world by storm. Fantasy anime are rare but when one shows up it takes over the cosplay world as well. Go to a convention and you will see all of the sword art online cosplayers geeking out. Season one of SAO was incredible. I mean it gave me a sexed my mind.

Otaku Magazine posted an article about season two of Sword Art Online. It seems like the creators are experimenting with as many online gaming worlds as they can imagine. If you thought that being stuck in an online world where swords are the ultimate power than think again.

Warning if you do not want to know whats going to happen in season 2 of SAO then please leave this website.

Ok so a quick overview of Sword Art Online arc 1 and 2. So the first fifteen episodes of SAO we fell in love with Kirito. We learned of all these kids stuck in the gaming world and if they die in the game they die in real life. Then after Kirito and Asuna successfully escape the online world a new one was created. It involved Fairies and magic and flight. It was pretty cool but I must say that the first one was way freaking better.

Arc 3….here it goes. Guns..You read that right…Guns dude. In fact I will even give it away. Its called “Gun Gale Online.” Oh my god you are probably going to hate for doing this to you guys. Why am I telling you all of this. Here is why. Because it was first released as a novel so unless you can read Japanese it wont matter. So now you know that is going to be a MMOP of guns. Did someone say call of duty. Hmmm….damn even anime is turning to all these first person shooter stuff. I am more of a sword type of person. Guns are not really my thing but in the real world if I need one I will get one.

I wont tell you what the story is about only that it will involve guns. So first swords, then magic and fairy wings and now guns. Funny pattern but I am sure Kirito will do a great job.

If you finished watching the first and second arc of SAO then you must know that at the very end Kirito unite all the online worlds. Players from all over the world connected their online games with the World Seed program.

Some new threat is rising and Kirito is standing up to fight it. WOOOOOO.

SAO English dubbed

Also Sword Art Online will be coming to North America English dubbed. Cant wait to see it.

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