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PostHeaderIcon Marvel Comics Anime Series And Movies- Stan Lee Made A Good Decision

Big Andy

Anime has been dominating 2D animation since 2000 when it really began to boom in North America and the UK as well as other countries. Not only does it win the hearts of the young but  the hearts of the adults as well. With anime’s variety of fans Japan has reign as the 2D animation capital of the world. Stan Lee is well aware of this and that is why he wanted to get into the anime business. He licensed his Marvel comics to become anime series. Not only do  they look better than the American animation series but the stories are just as great too.

Stan Lee had his top marvel comic book series become anime such as X-men, Blade the vampire and wolverine and lets not forget the Iron Man. Stan Lee wants his series to be kept alive and what better way to keep a comic book series alive than to turn it into an anime. It is better drawn, the plot is more exciting and it gets more attention. Beside the films that Disney licensed, the marvel franchise as been able to stay alive for as long as stan lee has lived. George Lucas has also been trying to keep his series alive, that is why he teamed up with Disney.

Here are the marvel series that where turned in to anime.

X Men Anime

x men anime marvel

The first episode of the X men animated series aired in October 31, 1992 and ended in 1997. Ever since then not many other x men series have been release. Disney has been replaying the old  xmen episodes. As I said, the xmen movies have been helping the website a lot. The Japanese company Mad House created this series beautifully and made a complete season of them. Many American entertainment companies have not been producing many 2D animation. That is why many Japanese companies are leveraging off this niche. Disney would have made a 2D animation series of X men but lately they have been focusing too much on 3D animation.

Wolverine anime marvel series

wolverine anime marvel series

His enigma has made him the most loved and famous marvel character of them all. He has the deepest storyline in the marvel world since he is basically immortal. Wolverine cant die. It would be foolish not make an anime of Wolverine. I believe this was one of their first choices  since Wolverine in the marvel story and comic books, he has traveled to japan. The new Wolverine movie of 2013 is about wolverines venturing in japan. I believe the Japanese are fond of Wolverine because he was basically born with blades in his body. Wolverine is a samurai by nature. A rounin as Frank Miller would describe him since Wolverine is short temper. Frank Miller made a whole series of wolverine in japan in mid evil japan as a samurai. The only thing I don’t like about this anime is the design of Wolverine. He was giving a 70′s hair style and they made him skinnier. However being Skinny is a good thing in japan and considered healthy.

Blade marvel anime series.

blade marvel anime series

My favorite vampire of all time. Half human, Half Vampire. He has all of their strengths and none of their weaknesses. They call him blade. The best Vampire of all time (besides underworld) before Edward of Twilight ruined the bloody style of vampires with his glittery skin in the sun light. I wish blade could some how meet up with Edward of the twilight movies and just cut him in half. (sounds too evil). Blade is a mysterious character much like Wolverine since vampires can live for a long time. He is also African American (I am not being racist) a black vampire of brute strength but Blade also has brains which makes him that much more cooler. After the Blade vampire movies, I stopped watching vampire movies. Blade is how vampires should (that and underworld.) The Blade anime is just as exciting and filled with blood and martial arts and blade cleaving vampires.

Iron man marvel anime series.

Iron man anime marvel series

Lets not forget the all mighty, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist, genius, Mr. Tony Stark. The Iron Man movies were a hit and it only made sense to Stan Lee that it should be an anime. Hell yeah. I am a huge Iron Man fan and Mr. Stark as well. He is a genius and Witty. In his anime series there is a new villain that threatens Iron Man. I need not say more about this. Just go and Check it out my friends. Also check out our iron Man 3 Movie article dudes.

So this is our List of Marvel Anime. I believe there will be more Anime’s of the marvel world coming out along with the hit movies.

Stan Lee made a graet decision and investment by making his marvel franchises an anime series. I wonder why his other fanchises did not become an anime series such as Thor or the Hulk and even captain America. Perhaps Hawk Eye and the Widow. However these current ones are just fine and the wolverine one as well.

Thank you for reading and dont forget to leave a comment.

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