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PostHeaderIcon Top 15 Final Evolution Pokemon

By Jorge Paiz

All Pokemon come with the final evolution which is the individual Pokemon’s ultimate form. In this form the Pokemon could learn stronger ultimate moves and its strength, stamina, and speed.  As well as the physical appearance of the  final evolution  Pokemon. I want to talk about the final evolution Pokemon that I think are the top 15 final evolution Pokemon. To be fair I picked Pokemon from the  1st generation Pokemon, 2nd generation Pokemon, 3rd generation, and 4th generation. Oh yeah and NO LEGENDARYS!!!


 #15 Serperior 


height: 10’10

Attacks:Tackle, Vine whip, Wrap,Growth, Leech Seed,Coil,Leaf Tornado,Giga Drain, Leaf Drain, Gastro Acid

Opinion: For a grass type this Poekmom  Serprior Kicks serious Ass!

#14 Gigalith

type: Rock/Compressed

height: 5’7

Attacks:Tackle, Sand attack,Head butt, Mud Slap, Iron Defense,Smack Down,Power Gem, Rock Slide,Sand Storm. Stone Edge, Explosion

Opinion: Despite a rock types weakness  to water and  how this Pokemon  has a a disadvantage in height  I think Gigalith makes up for what he lacks in size he makes up for in strength because of attacks such as Sand Storm, and Stone Edge. which makes him a tough Pokemon to take down.


#13 Hydreigon

type: Dragon

height: 5’11

Attacks:Tri Attack, Drgaon Rage, Dragon breath, Bite, Focus Energy, slam, Dragon pulse

Opinion: Out  of all the 4th generation Pokemon Hydreigion  is one of the coolest looking  final evolution Pokemon I have ever seen, It looks  like one of the most out of this world Dragon type Pokemon one could ever encounter.  Not to mention one of the scariest looking Pokemon  I’ve ever seen, but hey it puts on one hell of a fight.


# 12 Togekiss

type: Jubilee

height: 4’11

Attacks:Focus Punch, Water Pulse ,Toxic, Hidden Power, Sunny Day, Hyper Beam, Light Screen, Frustration, Solar Beam, Fly, Psychic, Flash, Thunder Wave.

Opinion: Now we all know that not all final evolution Pokemon have this giant all powerful form in which they evolve into that makes them look all mean and tough. Some Pokemon final evolution’s are small compact and even cute. Though looking cute and innocent these type of Pokemon can pack tremendous power when it comes to Pokemon Battles. Tokekiss is one of those Pokemon where her psychic  ability makes up for what she lacks in strength.


#11 Mamoswine

type: Earth/Ice

height: 8’2

Attacks: Ancient Power, Peck, Mud Sport, Mud Bomb,Ice Fang, Take Down, Earthquake, Mist, Blizzard, scary face, Powder Snow, Mud slap

Opinion: Mamoswine is a Pokemon that you would definitely like to have on your team not only cause of it size but because of its ability to use earth  and ice attacks. So it creates a variety of attack combo in order to defeat its opponents. As well  as endurance to withstand many strong attacks.

#10 Aggron

type: Steal

height: 6’11

Attacks: Tackle , Mud slap, Harden, Iron Claw,Roar, take Down, Iron Tail, Head Butt, Iron Defense, Metal Sound,Double Edge.

Opinion:This Pokemon  speaks for its self I mean its got a body made completely of Iron. It can probably whit stand most electric, fire, and grass Pokemon, However it has one big weakness Water. Other than that it is a force to be reckoned with I would want it on my party of 6.

#9 Manectric

type: electric

height: 4’11

Attacks: Tackle , Leer,Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, spark, discharg, charge, wild charge

Opinion: What I like about this final evolution Pokemon  is that it kind of like the keynine version of Pikachu its small  but packs a shock to its opponents system

#8 Armaldo

type: Water

height: 4’11

Attacks: Tackle , Water Gun, Mud Sport,Rock Blast, Leer, Fury Cutter, Metal Claw,Crush Claw

Opinion: The Reason I put this   final evolution Pokemon  on the list is because it looks a cross breed between a salamander and turtle with a harden exterior and the ability to use water and  rock type moves makes it one of the weirdest Pokemon I have ever seen.


#7 Typhlosion

type: Fire

height: 5’7

Attacks: Tackle , Gyro bell, Smokescreen,Quick attack, Fame Wheel,Flame thrower, Lava Plume, Eruption.

Opinion: Typhlosion is one Pokemon that I consider to be the most powerful among all  the flame Pokemon to think that his first form is Cindaquil  is an absolute shock, considering Typhlosion has a fierce look and flame attacks  that will send you running for the hills. I can honest say that this was my favorite Pokemon in the Johto region I would always pick Cindaqual in the game and make him evolve to Typhlosion. 


#6 Quagsire

type: Water

height: 4’7

Attacks: Taile whip , Water Gun, Mud Shot,Rain dance, Mist

Opinion: The final evolution Pokemon  of whooper is one that well leaves you with a great big smile on your face or down right makes you laugh. Though as funny looking  as Quagsire may seem hes on slippery bastard to pit up with in battle.

 #5 Scizor

type: Grass

height: 5’11

Attacks: Tackle , Bullet Punch, Razor Wind, Crush Claw, Furry Cutter, Double Team

Opinion: Scizor is a final evolution Pokemon that is one of the most cunning grass Pokemon which brought shock to a lot of fans because no one thought scyther had an evolved form. So this was a final evolution Pokemon that surprised everyone.


 #4 DonPhan

type: Earth

height: 3’7

Attacks: Tackle , Fury Attack, Roll Out, Rapid spin, Earthquake

Opinion:  For quiet a small elephant like Pokemon Donphan can pack one hell of a punch  Not only that he can roll out your opponents.



type: Dragon

height: 7’3

Attacks: Wrap, Dragon Rage, Twister,Slam, Wing Attack, Ice Beam, hyper beam, Blizzard

Opinion: Dragonite is one of those very rare final evolution Pokemon that can do so many thing. Hes a Dragon that has beastly strength as well as ice and energy attacks not only that he had a friendly face which made him an opponent that you would not want to under estimate.


#2 Cloyster

type: Water/Ice

height: 4’11

Attacks: Tackle , Aurura Beam, Supersonic. Spike cannon, Withdraw

Opinion: Cloyster  is a Pokemon that’s hard to break with that shell and powerful attacks its bound to be a short battle. Not  to mention the scary face in the shell that’s one thing you don’t want to find in the water. enough said.


# 1 Arcanine

type: Fire

height: 6’3

Attacks: Bite, Roar, Ember, Extereme Speed, Oder Sleuth

Opinion: Well we reach number one on the count down and it’s Arcanine This Pokemon was once mistaken for a legendary though he is very Intimidating and  furious and is  to be on of the most loyal Pokemon. So that concludes the final evolution Pokemon.


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