The End of Arcades-Have Arcades Truly Died?

By Jorge Paiz & Big Andy

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Remember back in the day when you and your friends would get together after school to play the new  first person shooter game at the arcade or see who can get the highest score in Dig-Dug or Air Hockey? From the early 1980s to around 2006 arcade games were dominating the video game industry as far as getting people to come together to play awesome fun thrilling games for 25 to 50 cents a  game sometimes even  $1.00 to $3.00 if the game was very high in resolution or very interactive like Dance Dance revolution.

Arcade games were good way to get together and have some fun, friendly and sometimes competitive times with friends, family, and even a way to break the ice on a date. I remember going to my friend Skippy’s house and I would say “Hey man want to go down to the FYE arcade at the mall to play some street fight!?” I would remember on the weekends Skippy and i would go down to the arcade and we would run in to some of our friends from school and we would start air hocky tournaments out of know where. One game that was a particular favorite of mine was the game “ICE BALL”  or as it was originally called “ROLL BALL”. Everyone was really friendly and very open and people were able to socialist and communicate with each other very openly.

Today how ever no one  really goes to arcades anymore there aren’t even that may left around. Instead now a days people go online on ether there PS3  ,XBOX360, Wii or PC to play or Interact with people in the video game world. However although online gaming is fun a lot of people seem to have lost that social skill and friendly manner to even go up to a friends house and say “Hey dude want to go out to the mall or pizza place to hang out and for a bite?” Arcade games had a very universal friendly feel. has online gaming become more exclusive as far as socializing?


Big Andy:

 Video Games were once a social activity.

As Jorge said above videos games were once a social activity. Now a days things have gone portable. We need a digital screen where ever we go. Not that is a bad thing. Dont get me wrong. Like you I love video games but I just want to bring people back to the days of the arcade. Arcades use to bring people together. Boys and girls even adults. I remember when I had my first yugioh tournament at an arcade. Video games are now a stay at home activity. I really do believe that technology is being made for stay at home purposes.

Arcades have come to an end. Video game companies want more money. So now video games companies prefer to sell their games $60 a pop than 500 for a machine. Yes you can buy a arcade game machine for $500 back then. Now that you can hold an arcade in your hands you dont need to go out. However people still crave social activities ( some of us still do).

In other words this has led video games to be less social. To play a multi game with your friends people can now go online rather than going to their friends bob house to play street fighter. Massive Multi Player games like world of warcraft is a good example of this. As well as call of duty.

I hope that video games company will one day create a gaming platform that forces people to socialize and meet up in the physical world.

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