By Jorge Paiz

Since March 17 1997 Toonami has been one of the most watched cartoon blocks in America, that gave a variety of action shows both anime and Japanese Anime.  For many years Toonami  brought legions of kids who would run home after school to watch some of the most spectacular animated action shows ever to hit Cartoonnetwork. Growing up as a kid I would be one of those among that legion that would run home after school to watch Toonami. All I could think of as soon as  the final bell rang was what was going to happen on the next episode of Dragonballz  or what was going to happen in the next episode of Gundam Wing Toonami had a lot of Epic action shows which provided hours and a variety of entertainment. To those of you reading this and do not know a lot about Toonami and think it is just another action show cartoon block well your in a surprise! For those of you  who did grow up watching Toonami and still to this day watch it on Saturday night on Adult Swim prepare for some nostalgia. Did I say some nostalgia? I meant prepare for  a lot of nostalgia!  I’m about to take you back when Toonami gave us a lot of inspiration promos, Speeches and bumpers that in a way helped shape the way we  are today.

Now in the past and the present Toonami has provided us with action cartoons that taught us values, ethics, morals and motivation. Most of you who have just read that sentence are and either missed this quality Toonami had or are just finding out about Toonami are probably thinking to your self’s… “What the hell is this guy talking about Toonami was an action block there no moral lesson or value!?’ Well guise what buddy your dead wrong! Also if there are any parents reading this your about to learn something that’s been hidden in plain sight for years in the shows your kids watch!  Which asks the question how has Toonami been teaching us ethic and moral since our childhood? The answer is thanks to the Toonami Speeches.

Toonami Speeches

One thing that would always come on in between shows were  what is known to the fans as Toonami Speeches. These Speeches 6 of which were given by Moltar who originated from Space Ghost Coast to Coast.  The rest were given by host Tom or presented by “The Absolution”  a.k.a Tom’s ship. many of these speeches were helpful healthy advice that an individual would get from a friend or family member. Along with clips and sound bites from the viewers favorite action cartoon or anime.  Which created an artistic video presentations that  tied in perfectly well with the speeches. Some speeches were presented directly from the host Whether it be Tom or Moltar.  These speeches many of which  still given to this very day by Tom are  a motivational commentary that talk about things like courage, anger, heroes,individuality, experience,teamwork,teaching,choices,haters,life and parenting. These speeches gave the shows on  Toonami a very  deep ,moving and warm feel towards the shows and characters presented on Toonami in which the viewers can relate, learn and apply to real life situations and circumstances. The Other Toonami Speeches were given in a more poetic and metaphorical presentation. These speeches also consisted of  variations  of clips and sound bites of shows featured on Toonami, however in these speeches, rather than Tom or Moltar talking directly to the audience the Speech was being narrated by voice in the background of the clips being played by “The Absolution” or the video clips and sound bites along with the title at the corner of the screen self explained the speech metaphorically. One of which was the famous Broken Promises [Dreams].

Since Toonami returned on April 1st 2012 it was motivating and inspirational to see that they were still making Toonami speeches that brought a sense of ethics and Moral back to the world of action entertainment. I could defiantly say that this is a step up for  both Cartoonnetwork and Toonami. Heck it”s a step up for action entertainment and television  in general, considering how many horrible shows there are out there rotting viewers brains to mush. I feel absolutely sorry for all the kids in this generation who had to watch all the shows having to do with nothing but texting and teen drama . Parents if you want your kids to be educated and entertained at the same time with ethics and moral have them watch Toonami chances are your parent who just had kids and grew up with Toonami. Do your self and your kids a favor keep them away from the garbage of daytime tv and have them watch DVR recordings of Toonami. Now you may be asking… “Why should I take your advice and watch Toonami?” Parents you  now are probably asking… “Why should I let my kids watch Toonami?”  The reason why you should watch Toonami and parents should let there kids watch Toonami is because  there ability to imagine and create will expand making them smarter. Not only that they will feel a more motivational drive to chase after there dreams with courage and be  more confident in themselves. Todays generation watches a lot of teen drama garbage that’s making them lazy, unmotivated, and dependent on society to take care of them based on shallow quality’s rather then  work ethic and integrity.  It’s because of what i watched on Toonami that helped me get to were i am today in my career. all thanks to these messages that were ingrained and hidden in plain site with in my favorite cartoon shows. just watch the videos in this blog and if that’s not enough consider the following quote from the great Albert Einstien “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” I hope this article and Toonami inspires everyone to follow there dreams for once learned from watching Toonami “Believe in your self don’t fear Failure.”





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